Ever wonder what is the CORRECT Frenchie Butt???  Maybe I should say tail, but BUTT sounds so much cuter -ha ha...
Ever wonder about the multitude of different FRENCHIE TAILS you see out there?

A few months ago after our SPRING LITTER was born... a new "OFFICE MANAGER" at the Vet said she was so thrilled to see her first litter of Frenchie "NEWBORN" Babies. When I opened the cover of my "puppy container"  she said "OH MY I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE BORN WITH LITTLE TO NO TAILS... "Oh yes indeed" I said... "you do NOT crop a Frenchie's tail", I proceeded. She thought all along that all my Frenchies she had seen had docked tails. She said she thought Frenchies tails were cropped as you would a Doberman or Rottweiler or Boxer... to her surprise I said "NO... NOT FRENCHIE TAILS"...
Hence the purpose of this page was born.....

Some tails are longer, some are shorter, some are fluffier, some cover the "booty hole" others don't. Some are "screw tail", others have a little curve, others are straight. Some Frenchies even appear to have no tail at all. Their tails should not be long, nor should they curl over their back like a Pug's tail. Most Frenchies tails are 1inch or shorter.

They do not wag their tails, but if you look closely on some Frenchies you can see the tail part moving, even a screw tail, it's really cute and funny to see, at the same time they wiggle their butts. Frenchies are clowns and funny, doesn't matter if they have a tail or not, you can tell when a Frenchie is happy..... trust me.

The AKC Standard Reads: 
The tail is either straight or screwed (but not curly). 
Short, hung low, thick root and fine tip; carried low in repose. 

Which means if you have a Frenchie with a little longer tail, it should go down and stay down when the dog is calm. If you see a Frenchie that has a tail sticking up or very long, mostly those are imports and it is not correct. The Frenchies you see at the AKC Shows have been groomed.... meaning their tails have been messed with, clipped, at the end to take off the tip and just make it more tidy. Most of our Frenchies have their tails groomed as well. If you have a straight tail that covers the "hole", it will get poop on it. We prefer to take clippers to the tails and shave the hair and make the tail shorter (the hair), this way we don't have to be cleaning multiple butts a few times a day. The hair grows back. Some dogs like our FOXY have no tail at all, but she'll still get some poop on the hairs around the area of the butt hole. Ahhh... the joys of owning Frog Dogs.... lol. 

Here are photos of our dogs and pups butts.... tails.... booties... whatever you want to call them.... some of the tails have been "groomed" so it's not what they actually look like, but I posted a bunch of photos below...

Written By:
All Star French Bulldogs


At the front we have Didi and Trixie .... followed by Foxy and Star.... Our Girls Booties :)














***Chilly's Tail***
She has the longest tail of all our dogs... It's about an inch long.
When they have a bit longer tail it's normal for it to go up when happy, barking, wagging, etc... When they are very young it may even stick out a little, but as the dog grows, the tail SHOULD STAY DOWN. Here is her tail as she grew to show examples....

Looked a little curvy at first, which straightened with age



Straight up happy tail, doing the famous FRENCHIE BOW...







15 months... straight down


And last...  3 years old 2011.... yes eating a McDonalds cheeseburger :)
Again, straight down tail... which is what the AKC means by "carried low in repose".
Sure she puts it up at times when happy, barking,etc.. but in it's normal position it is down and covering her butt hole.


Hope this page has helped you understand
the Frenchie tail/butts better
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