***French Bulldog INFORMATION***


 French Bulldogs are a Special Breed...
They are the perfect size... not too small, not too big. They are funny little things, make funny noises & their clownish ways will entertain you on a daily basis... French Bulldogs or as the French say "Bouledogue Français" are also called: "Frenchies",  "Frog Dogs" and "Clown Dogs". They are constantly amusing you with the funny things they do. Their muscular, compact, stocky and cobby bodies, that beautiful smooshed in face and the Bat Ears the breed is known for ... are just a few things that really make them irresistible! French Bulldogs are small in size, but they are quite large in the personality department... They indeed are CLOWN dogs and they bring endless amounts of  joy, love & laughter into your home.

An AKC French Bulldog is described as "Well behaved, adaptable, and comfortable companions."    The standard also describes the Frenchie as being affectionate, even tempered, active, alert, and playful but not unduly boisterous.  They are not all created equal. You can have siblings who are complete opposites. Sure genetics plays a role in their makeup, but I do believe for the most part HOW THEY ARE RAISED is how they will turn out. Of course you do have dogs that can act shy, no matter how well you socialize them and that's life. We have shy humans, outgoing humans, more rambunctious humans, quiet and loud humans... See where Im going? Same with dogs... they all have different personalities. The breed is known to be friendly and happy and funny... hence the nickname CLOWN DOGS... they do great when raised with other breeds and children and for the most part are wonderful pets. Of course you can have a problem child, it happens, they cannot all be perfect. You have to take the good with the bad. If women only had children that had the exact temperament and personality the mother wants when that child is a full grown 30 year old adult, we'd be a much smaller world. Same with dogs... you never know how that puppy is going to turn out when its a full grown adult. There are no guarantees.... you just love them anyway right. What's not to love... just look at them. If you are someone who doesn't like attention in public, DO NOT get a frenchie because they are people magnets :) 

Frenchies have distinctive breed characteristics which includes the FRENCHIE BOW... THE FROG DOG POSITION when laying down, THE FRENCHIE YODEL, THE FRENCHIE HOWL, THE FRENCHIE SCREECH... many of them can make some of the strangest noises you have ever heard. .... ETC.... They are unique and like no other breed I have ever owned.

Some play hard, some play a little and some snooze all day and are lazy bullies... ya just don't know. French Bulldogs are loving, funny full of themselves, spunky, happy,  loyal affectionate, playful, courageous. They are BIG DOGS in little bodies, which can lead to issues if you do not establish yourself as their PACK LEADER. Not with all of them, but those that can be stubborn... they are bulldogs after all. 

  • Are they good with Children?  I believe so... if raised together and both the child and dog know their boundaries. Always have the children be the leaders of the pack I believe is important so the dog respects them.  Teaching our Children and Dogs what is right and wrong from the beginning will make great kids and great dogs.
  • Are they good with other dogs?  Yes for the most part, but there are exceptions to every rule. Some can be dog aggressive and some like to hunt down chickens, squirrels, birds, etc.... Read this page for more information on this subject: [ French Bulldog Aggression
  • Are they good with cats or other animals? Again, it just depends on the dog and heck on the cat too. We don't have cats, but know of many who do and their Frenchies get along great with them
  • French Bulldog Males VS Females - "What's the difference?": We get this question A LOT... Look ... you cannot stereotype every dog. Like humans, they are all different. If you want a guarantee what a puppy is going to be like as an adult, then don't get a puppy. There are no guarantees in life with babies, HUMANS OR CANINES...  If you want a "stereotypical" comparison... they say frenchie girls can be more "bitchy", "moodier" and "feistier" if you will and boys are more mellow, sweet and easy going (as long as they are neutered of course). Does that mean you can't have a moody boy or a mellow girl... of course not... they are all different and we have them BOTH. You cannot paint them all with the same brush. 
French Bulldogs as a whole, like to be the center of attention and THEY CAN BE JEALOUS!!!  They like ALL the loving and feel like the world revolves around them. Be open minded if the exact sex you want is not Available because you may be missing out on a great dog. I always use the example of one lady who wanted a "SMALL UNDER 20 POUND CREAM FEMALE" when she emailed me. I told her all I had was ONE BOY and he was FAWN and was going to be BIG.... She decided she could not wait and Adopted him... Now at almost 5 years old this single puppy who was the only baby in his litter grew to be a 32 pound big, fawn boy and is the love of her life. The sweetest, smartest and most outgoing dog she has ever had the pleasure to own and meet. She emails me every year and thanks me for the greatest dog and she's so Thankful she was open minded because if she wasn't she would have missed out on being the mother to the most wonderful dog and the love of her life.  As far as looks.... The boys, for the most part, are thicker, stockier and more blocky headed than the girls and WEIGH MORE.  Many people like to STEREOTYPE all breeds and think that males are more aggressive or territorial or that the females will train easier.... NOPE>>>> WE DISAGREE. THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT and neutering a male is a MUST if you are not using them for breeding or show, it DOES make a difference... they make much better pets when neutered. Like a castrated horse (gelding), vs an intact horse (stallion)... it matters. Of course once again, there are exceptions, but in this case, for the most part a FIXED MALE DOG makes a much better pet, they are less stressed and are happier because they are not driven by testosterone.  Believe me... it does make a difference. They are much happier doggies when they get their frenchie nuggets snipped :)

Raising a puppy is a 50/50, there are no guarantees what a puppy is going to grow up to be no matter what breed..... 
so don't be fooled by breeders who make you false promises on a puppy. A puppy is just a puppy people :) 
We cannot guarantee puppy is going to be everything you hoped & dreamed of. Dog Breeds are not clones, they each have distinct personalities, there are breed
characteristics, doesnt mean they are identical, they can actually be polar opposites!!! So many breeders love to paint a perfect picture, so many breeders will tell you what you want to hear just to sell you a puppy NOT US!!!. We don't believe in a Sales Pitch!!! We believe in being honest!!! Read our PUPPY INFO Page and Read our FAQ Page. Just like humans have no clue how our children will mature, how they will be as adults...... their personality, likes, dislikes, any issues, etc.... same with puppies!!!! Even sibings... Are you exactly like your sibling? Even twins have different personalilties. So... if you're interested in a puppy from us or anyone, I suggest you only go into an Adoption knowing a puppy is just a puppy, none of us can predict the future. We keep our OWN pups and have raised MANY from birth to SENIORS with no issues, living among multiple dogs in our home, as do many of our Frenchie Families that we are still in contact with after 8-9-10-12 years... with Vet references as well. We've had bulldogs 25+ years, Frenchies 15 years and have one of the longest running Frenchie Sites out here over 14 years now and its for a reason. Our Pack knows who's in charge. You must be the leader of the pack from day one. Humans in the household always come first, including kids, which is a mistake many dog owners make. Like little Chihuahuas who bark, growl , snaps at people and the owners laugh, that isn't teaching the dog.....
I will end with a quote from Cesar Milan, famous dog trainer: 
"Many dogs grow up without rules or boundaries. They need exercise, discipline and affection in that order. The dog is a reflection of your energy, of your behavior. You have to ask, 'What am I doing?' That's the right question to ask. I rehabilitate dogs, I train people. I am the dog whisperer."
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/cesar_millan_522120



Frenchies grooming needs are pretty easy and basic.  They need their facial wrinkles wiped with baby wipes (hypoallergenic and fragrance free) and pat dry with a soft towel...  Some of then need their butts wiped because the tail can get dirty when they poop.  Brushing the coat a few times a week and a bath about 2 times a month is good enough. Also clipping of nails is important and keeping their ears clean. Vinegar and Water 50/50 solution is good for ear cleaning, squirt, let them shake, cotton balls to wipe and done... Then give treats :)

POTTY Training:
Well... some are easier than others. It's mostly about the owners consistency and being diligent and sticking with a routine. Do not expect a 10 week old puppy to be housebroken when it arrives at your house, doesn't happen and a breeder who tells you otherwise is lying. It takes time, like potty training a human toddler.  Not all are created equal, what works for you, may not work for the next person, so once you have your new dog or puppy at your home, you can get them on a routine and be CONSISTENT...  You must let them know it's not okay by telling them NO and taking them outside and praising once they go outside. Patience and time. There is no SET AGE .....  For the most part most should be housebroken with little to no accidents by 6 months old. So if you have patience, it's only about 4 months of being consistent from the time you bring your baby home until the time it's trained. I have gotten reports back of 4 months old being fully potty trained... can't paint them all with the same brush. Some adults dogs tend to forget the rules when changing environments, so keep this in mind if rescuing a dog or bringing an older dog into your home, sometimes you have to start from scratch and teach them what you want out of them and WHERE they have to potty in their new environment.

There are no MINI-FRENCHIES... the AKC has a Standard... 18-28lbs. Can some be smaller? SURE... Can some be bigger? SURE... but that is what the AKC standard calls for. They vary in sizes from bulky, wide, stocky and cobby to taller, rangier with a longer body... it all depends. Height is average of 12 inches. Beware of Imports, that cute puppy can end up being a 50 pound, long bodied, out at the nose supposed Frenchie ... Make sure you see photos of the adults any breeder has, ask for photos of the parents. Any puppy can be cute, but what is it going to look like as an adult?

Brindles, Creams/Fawns or Pieds are the most common and those colors come with all kinds of different  shades and markings. Disqualifications in the show ring are: Black (meaning with out a SINGLE white or other colored hair; Black and tan (Doberman Type Colors), Chocolate, Liver and Mouse (blue/gray)...Blue and Tan, Chocolate and Tan and all these new colors that never existed such as Lilac or Merle, Merle Pieds, where other breeds were crossed in to get those colors... STAY AWAY, they are not AKC STANDARD FRENCH BULLDOGS.   Heavy ticking, which is spotted pigment all over... like you see in other breeds like the Setters, is to be avoided. A solid black dog or a dog with ticking is only disqualified in the show ring, they can be just as nice as any other color, just they cannot be shown, that's all, still make great pets. No green, yellow or blue eyes allowed either.

For a more detailed discussion of the standard for the French Bulldog please consult the AKC Standard.
Click here for different pictures of different Frenchie Coat Colors

Short & smooth.  They don't shed a lot, although some can shed more than others. Until they are grown you just don't know what kind of "shedder" you will have. Nutrition plays a role in this too and also how many times you bathe them, what shampoo you use I have found makes a difference and also the weather...  In colder climates the dogs will grow a winter coat and they will shed that when it gets hot. 

Some are smarter than others, but they are intelligent for being bulldogs... They aren't the smartest of breeds and some learn quicker than others, but I wouldnt classify them as a super intelligent breed lol. Its up to the owner to train them and stimulate their minds. Some are more stubborn/hard headed and some need more corrections because some will try to get away with murder if you let them.  It just depends on the dog of course. Frenchies thrive on positive reinforcement....  They like to please their owners.... Most Frenchies do not like to be reprimanded, so being harsh is not the answer, the answer is consistency, be the PACK LEADER first and foremost and then spoil them.

They tire quickly, even those that like to play, play, play. There can be an exceptions to every rule... especially with imported Frenchies who tend to be hyper and very energetic, but for the most part this is not a very active breed. I would say they have a low activity level, even if they like to play hard, it isn't for that long. Doesn't take much to tire one out.  They do not do well in hot temps... so must take precautions when outside. Most cannot swim.  The Frenchies will pant after little exercise, so not much is needed really. Many prefer just to relax and play indoors...  ... many enjoy jumping in kiddie pools, chasing balls and yes some do like to hunt down frogs, bugs and lizards......  Most Frenchies have less prey drive than other breeds, but again THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!!!!  They are funny dogs who enjoy fun lives.

Living Environment & Working Homes: 
Frenchies make excellent pets for either apartments or homes, they thrive in cities and in the country. Frenchies are happy anywhere as long as they are loved and of course not in extreme heat, as they can overheat easily, so air conditioner is a must in cars and homes on hot days. Frenchies are not too hard to please as long as you feed them right, love them, provide a comfy bed, take them out for short walks or dog parks on cool days... they do not require much. They are pretty adaptable little dogs and just happy to be loved on. They can thrive with one owner or a family. They can be raised with kids and other animals...Basically wherever they are loved is where is best for them. Some can be jealous and prefer to be the only dog, but for the most part they like other canine companions!!!

I get asked this all the time... WHAT ABOUT WORKING HOMES.... Can they live with families who have a 9-5 job?
My answer is... Absolutely!!!!! Most of my babies are in homes with working folks... take a look around, look at our FRENCHIE FAMILIES and you will see how my babies are loved and how they live great lives. I never understand those breeders or rescues who insist that all dogs HAVE to live with stay at home parents. This is real life and most people work. Of course in a perfect ideal situation every dog would be in a home with someone 24 hours a day, but it's just not reality... MOST PEOPLE WORK outside of the home. Dogs sleep more hours of the day then they are awake, so as long as you are home after work and on weekends and dedicate time to them they are fine. When I worked outside the home, I had dogs... what an injustice it would be if working folks were not allowed to own dogs and experience the joy of raising a dog from puppyhood. My most well behaved dog was a puppy I raised when I worked outside the home at my 9-5 job... He was obedient, socialized, well behaved, well trained, had manners, sweet, loved every person he met and had the most stable temperament you could ask for.... It did not matter to him that I was not home, he had more than enough attention when I was. 

Please make the right decision for you are your family. I don't believe in leaving them locked in a crate 10 hours a day. I suggest the "Play pen" set up, which all my "frenchie families" get exact details and instructions on what to  buy and how to set them up. This is a great set up for french bulldogs, especially when they are puppies. They have a crate to lay in a designated "potty area" and space to play and have their toys... Every family I have ever recommended this to has been more than happy and those with multiple dogs wish they would have used it when raising their other dogs before they could be trusted to be left alone to roam the house. The have to be able to "hold their pee/poo" and be old enough to not chew on things... Leaving them in their "set up" gives the owner piece of mind and assures you the house will be intact when you get home and the puppy/young adult will be safe and out of harms way. Best deal for everyone.

Being a Brachycephalic Breed (flat faced) they can have issues... . CLICK HERE for Frenchie Health Issues

LIFE SPAN:  10 - 14 Years

LITTER SIZE:   3 - 4  is most common. Most Average 3 puppies, sometimes 1, many have 5... very few have 6 and even 7 is possible but VERY RARE.  If you see Frenchies having 8-9-10 puppies, I'd question their size and look at the pedigree, they most likely are larger IMPORTED FRENCHIES from very large females usually, some of these can run 40+ pounds or they have had other breeds mixed into them. Like those touting "rare colors" which actually are not rare because everyone and their mother is breeding those colors these days... (2019). What is rare these days is finding actual AKC Standard color frenchies. It's definitely not the norm for frenchies to have 7-8-9-10 puppies in a litter, it just doesn't happen.




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