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Places that sell/advertise items that  cater to the French Bulldogs:

"Custom Made Frenchie Sweaters"
One of our Frenchie families recommended this lady on Etsy who sells sweaters for frog dogs. She said no sweater has ever fit him so good and he was so happy he wanted to stay out all night. We live in the south and do not get snow, but it does get in the 20's here, it does freeze over and a few of our frogs, like Princess Chilly HATE the cold. I immediately ordered 2 of these sweaters. The lady was very prompt with the shipping and the prices are decent. If you have a frenchie and you are loooking for a nice feeling, soft hoodie that will fit your frog right... then check this lady out. She will actually make them to fit your dog and you can pay with Paypal. I don't know her personally, I just like what I purchased and she was very nice so I decided to put a link up to let others know.... Click her logo below:


Chilly and the 2 sweaters we bought:

Elvis modeling his sweater up in New England on a very cold Winter 2011 Day:

Dog products like "Nose Butter" for cracked/dry noses and other stuff


Unique Gifts for your Frenchies



Frenchies Bulldog Rescue Cafepress Store
T-Shirts and Bulldog Gifts for the Frenchie Lover



French Bulldog Magazines: 
The following are a short list of books, magazines and videos that you may want to take a look at before you buy a French Bulldog. With the lack of breed information on French Bulldogs you will find these sources to be invaluable, whether you want a Frenchie to show or for a pet. We find them to be indispensable!

  Just Frenchies Magazine
          Published quarterly in full color, this award winning breed
          magazine is not just for breeders or exhibitors, but for
          fanciers of French Bulldogs everywhere. Articles on rescue,
          health tips, feeding, fiction, tips from other owners and much

  The French Bullytin
          Published quarterly in full color, this award winning breed
          magazine is not just for breeders or exhibitors, but for
          fanciers of French Bulldogs everywhere. Articles on rescue,
          health tips, feeding, fiction, tips from other owners and much


French Bulldog Books We own: 
Most I linked to  - If you can't find them there, google them. 

Newest Book 2008
The French Bulldog (Kennel Club Classic) (Hardcover)





Healthier Frenchies (Spiral-bound)

Frenchie Kisses 
by: Amanda Jones

The French Bulldog Bookstore & Video Emporium 
Fiction and General Books


French Bulldog Clubs/Registries:

The American Kennel Club

   The French Bull Dog Club of America
      Information regarding the French Bulldog, including Breed information



Misc Frenchie Items:

French Bulldog Village : 2008 Cover Dog Wall Calendar 


   The French Bulldog AKC Breed Video
          A complete overview of what to look for in a show quality
          French Bulldog, and it also gives you a great in-depth look at
          Frenchies in general! If you've only seen Frenchies in books,
         order this video and take a look at he real thing before you
          buy. Invaluable for those considering showing. 

Frenchie Rescues:

French Bulldog Rescue Network


French Bulldog Village

French Bulldog Rescue League


French Bulldog Connection Rescue

The French Bull Dog Club of America Rescue League
Contact the FBDCA for information on adopting a French Bulldog, or if you know of a French Bulldog in need of rescue or re-homing. Adoptive homes are selected to meet the needs of each individual dog, with the priority being the dog's well being. A donation is required.

For all homeless creatures, great and small...



French Bulldog Health Links: 
Visit this page for more info: [HealthIssues]

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

Canine Health
Information Center 

Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Louisiana State University BAER


Don't be fooled please... Research those you contribute to, what they really stand for
how many animals Peta kills yearly and how they terrorize people all while
the heads of Peta make 6 and 7 figure salaries off of "Donations"....




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