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This page was created to show what we feed and our methods of what we believe works for our Frog Dogs. For a complete and thorough page with more Information than you can ever need as far as DOG FEEDING is concerned including: Kibble, Raw, Home Cooked Meals, Prescription Diets, supplements... links to where to buy the, etc...  VISIT THIS PAGE: [CLICK HERE FOR DOG FEEDING]


What we feed our French Bulldogs

This page is under complete construction... For those that do not know there have been once again tons of dog food recalls... 

People are now getting sick. I think its time that pet food is regulated by our government. This BS of pet food companies checking themselves isn't working. They have proved whats most important to them, the mighty dollar. If you can get sick from just handling the pet food, imagine what it will do to the helpless pet that depends on you to protect them. We need to start a petition to get our government to regulate and keep in check the pet food industry, to protect our people and pets. I am one that believes government is involved in too much but we need this before more pets and people die. As Pet Owners we put our trust in these companies, pay high dollar for these foods, food we think is safe and tested and now it's happening again.  Back in 2005 I believe it was, their food killed THOUSANDS... get that, not dozens, but THOUSANDS of dogs... then in 2007 MENU FOODS killed thousands of dogs... welll... here we go again. It's not this recall that is the problem, it's just that it's ONCE AGAIN... when will it stop????
While they report that this is a VOLUNTARY RECALL and no dogs have been reported ill, just do a little research and you'll see this is a lie.... HUMANS ARE GETTING SICK from contaminated pet foods:
Salmonella in dog food sickens 14 people in US

List of recalls for Pet Food Products from DIAMOND: 
Brands named in this recall now include (and probably more to come):
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul 
Country Value 
Diamond Naturals 
Premium Edge 
Taste of the Wild 
Natural Balance 
Solid Gold
Wellness - 
Kirkland Signature - The FDA is issuing a precautionary recall of the Kirkland Signature dog food for possible salmonella contamination. This includes the Nature's Domain grain free line. Return any bags you have to Costco for a full refund.
Go to each dog food website and recall info will be there.

As you see this does not mean JUST DIAMOND, they manufacture TONS OF FOODS...  I have recommended Natural Balance Duck and Potato formula to many people. The sickening part is I CALLED NATURAL BALANCE early 2011 when I first started purchasing their food and they out right lied to me about who made their food. Had I known it was Diamond it would have never been brought into my home.

Another food on the list I have recommended the past two years is: WELLNESS... YES... good ole Wellness PUPPY.  It's the """large breed Wellness Puppy""", but it's still Wellness Puppy and I had already made the decision to change puppy foods for my litters this Spring, I had recommended this food all this time. I also called WELLNESS when I started feeding the Wellness Puppy to my litters when Naturapet Company who made the Innova Puppy I used to feed sold to Procter and Gamble. I made the switch to the WELLNESS PUPPY and before I did I called and asked them who made their food. They told me AMERICAN NUTRITION... I even called them a few months ago and they told me the same thing. Why is WELLNESS LARGE BREED PUPPY on the list of DIAMOND RECALLS??? 

If I only had one or two dogs I would cook for them all and forget these contaminated foods. I made 2 SLOW COOKER RECIPE VIDEOS and put them on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL, if you want to see it. It's super easy and super quick to cook for your dogs. 

 List of Pet Foods Recalled, one word sums this up... DISGUSTING:
Read about the issue going on with CHICKEN JERKY and how many dogs have died because of it, yet the FDA keeps ignoring this. Thousands of complaints from Pet Owners fall of deaf ear... they don't care.

What to Do:
Call the company of the food/treats you are feeding and demand they tell you how and where they manufacture their food. If they don't tell you, say bye to that company.
Consumers who have purchased contaminated foods: For more information about this recall, consumers should contact Diamond Pet Foods at 800-442-0402. You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Get Dog Food Recall Alerts by Email:
Written By: Susan Thixton  -  5-1-2012
One of the many frustrations of pet food consumers (petsumers) is lack of transparency. One part of that transparency issue is not knowing if a pet food is being reported to FDA and to the manufacturer as making other pets sick. This information is not provided to us and clearly it could be valuable information to protect our pets. To combat this, is beginning a pet food/treat adverse event reporting database.

I've heard the following story hundreds of times. A pet gets seriously ill. The pet owner believes without doubt a pet food or treat is the cause. The pet owner contacts the manufacturer and reports the pet illness. The pet food/treat manufacturer states "we have received no other complaints." However, when pet owners send me their story, I find that there are often dozens of similar complaints (that I've heard of) with the same pet food or manufacturer. We deserve to know.

So, in an effort of transparency, has developed a pet food/treat adverse event reporting system. Any pet owner who believes a pet food or treat has made their pet sick can file a report. As reports are filed, each will be posted under manufacturer name (page yet to be developed) on and each report will be forwarded to the pet food/treat manufacturer. When the pet food/treat adverse event report is forwarded to the manufacturer, they will be provided with the opportunity to provide a public statement on this incident. Should the manufacturer wish to provide a public response, those will be posted below the initial complaint.

Not all adverse event reports will be certain to be linked to a pet food or treat. When reviewing the complaints (in the future) take into consideration that in some cases the pet food or treat is not the cause of illness or death. However, probably more often than not, the treat or food is the cause of the pet illness or death. As more and more reports are filed and posted, we might be provided with a trend and thus an awareness of a pet food or treat problem. Most certainly, when reporting a food or treat incident to a manufacturer, a pet owner will know if other recent incidents have been reported to the same manufacturer. Should they respond with 'we have received no other complaints' will know if they are being completely honest with you or not (all reports posted on have also been reported to the manufacturer). 

If you believe your pet has become sick or died due to a pet food or treat...

1. Seek treatment for your pet from your veterinarian.
2. Report the incident to the FDA. Click Here for FDA instructions. 
3. Report the incident to your State Department of Agriculture, ask to speak to the pet food investigator. Some states are more helpful than others.
4. Report the incident to the pet food/treat manufacturer.
5. Report the incident here at

This new system is active; new reports of pet illness or death believed to be related to a pet food or treat can be filed at any time. I hope this effort will be successful in providing us more information and in turn saving pet lives. Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author, Buyer Beware
Co-Author Dinner PAWsible

This lady is great and keeps everyone informed... sign up to her newsletter.
Who will be next?
Buyer Beware: The crimes, lies and truth about pet food:
Another great Site with email alerts:

ALL STAR FRENCH BULLDOGS is not affiliated with the website  I have just read it over and over and I subscribe to her newsletter and I whole heartily believe in her and her dedication for the well being of our Pets and outing these Companies who continue to import ingredients from China and God knows where... just to save costs... then we feed these tainted foods to our animals to have them get sick or die a horrible death or develop a chronic disease because of these ingredients and lack of testing... all for the sake of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.... Pet Food is the only food industry allowed to lie to consumers. The only food industry given FDA permission to violate federal food safety law. 

PEOPLE YOU ARE YOUR DOGS VOICE.... GET EDUCATED!!!! This is a matter of life and death.
For all those feeding Science Diet, Pedigree, Iams and other "popular foods" please do your research and know what you are feeding your dogs. Some of you are paying high dollar for these foods for your dogs that are more appropriate to feed chickens, filled with fillers. Do your research!!!
My best to all and hopefully none of my babies are affected by this recall.


What we feed now

Check out our You Tube Channel for some videos we posted about our feeding methods:


Our Feeding Program & Tips
Everyone feeds different foods at different times a day. There is no "ONE WAY" to feed your dog or puppy. Everyone does what works best for their animal.

An occasional Vanilla Cone is good for the Frenchie Soul  -  Everything in moderation...
This is Little Debbie, coming home from her c-section after delivering 5 babies  :)

Trixie and Chilly - Sisters sharing a McDonalds Vanilla cone 5/6/2011


Feeding tips/myths people often hear about (in white) and our opinion (in pink):

Please don't believe the hype that human food is not good for dogs, that’s absurd. It’s good for your kids, it’s good for you, it’s good for your dogs and their foods already contain them, if it’s a high quality food. Have you read what the dog foods claim “natural”, “human-grade”, what do you think that means? Yeap it means they contain foods we eat...  like CHICKEN, DUCK, APPLES, BLUEBERRIES... ETC>>> Why is it okay for dog food companies to use this in their food in a PROCESSED manner, but it's not okay to feed it to them fresh???? Do you realize how absurd this sounds.   I just SHAKE MY EFFING HEAD when I hear a Vet or a random person say DO NOT FEED DOGS HUMAN FOOD... it's so stupid, I'm sorry... Nothing like adding REAL food to highly processed kibbles. Just like you would not feed a 3 month old baby everything an adult would eat, you need to use common sense when feeding puppies and even adult dogs human food. Every dog is different and some can tolerate things others can't. Carrots, green beans, peas, apples, bananas, watermelon, ground turkey, chicken breast, etc… all great things you can supplement the disgusting processed kibble with. You can add a little extra virgin olive oil or ORGANIC extra virgin coconut oil. Dogs love plain yogurt… again make sure contains NO FAKE SUGARS, must be the whole fat one, dogs cannot have sorbitol or any sugar substitutes. Eggs and cottage cheese are great REAL protein sources for our dogs as well. Your dogs will be healthier when you add REAL FOOD to their kibble. You can also look into feeding raw or how to cook for your dog and feed it home-cooked meals, there are many links and books online for those interested in these methods. If I only had 1 or 2 dogs this I would not feed kibble, but that’s just my opinion, do your research.

Dry food (KIBBLE)  is more economical, easier and more convenient to feed, generally less fattening and better for overall oral health than canned food. There is no need to feed a canned food to healthy normal dogs.
(ERRR wrong!!!!! This is a MYTH and many pet owners still believe this. Kibble is HIGHLY PROCESSED... it has ALL of the moisture removed basically.  Canned food actually contains more meat than kibble and WATER, which the dogs NEED. It takes a lot of processing to harden the kibble, just research this, it is a FACT.  More processed kibble equals more chemicals and additives are in kibble. We do use canned food every day and we make our own "CANNED FOOD" by using our Slow Cooker and making REAL FOOD for our dogs. They love the taste and it's good for them. We use only QUALITY CANNED FOOD like Merricks, but I really don't trust any dog food companies nowadays. With all the recent recalls we have started to slow cook for our dogs. Stay away from Iams, Pedigree, Science Diet, etc! My dogs love the Canned food made by Merricks... and it is now sold at PETCO. Please do not believe that canned foods are bad for dogs, it's quite the opposite. Feeding JUST DRY KIBBLE is what is NOT recommended. You SHOULD give your dogs real food, even if it's canned, it has a higher meat content and is way less processed and contains way less ingredients than your highly processed dry kibble. You should give your dogs fresh food. People.... PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. Makers of kibble and even Vets have made uneducated pet owners believe that dry is the best, that's it's better for their teeth, NONE OF THIS HAS EVER BEEN STUDIED OR PROVEN. Give your dog chew bones, safe chew toys and natural bones they can grind and that will keep their teeth clean, not tiny dry morsels of kibble,,,  Or I have an idea... if you are worried about their teeth BRUSH THEM... Kibble is not going to make a difference, most dogs SWALLOW the kibble anyway, they do not crunch it, dog are GULPERS by nature, so this idiotic myth that dry kibbles keep their teeth clean is so absurd. I have seen dogs fed just dry kibble their entire lives with horrible rotten teeth. How would you like to eat just dry food your entire life, with nothing tasty and moist? How about some cereal and always HOLD THE MILK... Dogs love canned and fresh foods... please educate yourself and do your research and stop believing what uneducated Vets and what the crooks and at the dog food companies advertise.

Feed the dog in the same place at every meal.
(Every dog is different... some of our dogs will eat anywhere, some won't)

Offer clean water at all times in the same place.
(Our dogs will drink from any water bowl outside or around the house)

Adult dogs may be fed either once or twice a day. Always measure out the food offered to the dog using a measuring cup. Avoid feeding extra foods. Remove the dog from the room when you are preparing food and eating.
(Again, we feed adults once a day. We don't go by what the back of the bag of food says. Some dogs are more active and need more food. Just watch the dog and use common sense. We do not remove the dogs from where the food is either. If one gets too anxious we will crate them, but food is something they look forward to, why remove them from the area. Our dogs know they don't eat until the bowls hit the floor or we place them inside their crates.... Train the dogs people!)

Treats, snacks and table foods are not recommended. Feeding these foods leads to obese, begging, and finicky pets. If food rewards are necessary, use reduced calorie biscuits or washed raw vegetables.
(Oh whatever. I hate when I read these nonsense things online. Dogs LOVE treats, period. Again, use common sense people. If you feed your dogs from your plate of course they are going to beg. But if you cook them a chicken or any real food and toss in their bowls or feed them your healthy leftovers in their bowls or tossed on the kitchen floor AFTER you ate, why would that make them beggars? Yes some dogs can get picky, but again you have to take each individual dog and do what works best for each dog.)

Any decrease in your dogs food intake for more than 3 days should be of concern and you should seek Veterinary attention.
(Unless you have a picky eater... if you know your dog, you will know what is or is not normal when it comes to their eating.)

 Don't let dogs free feed; offer measured portions at the same times each day.
(I agree with this, but many people free feed with no problem. We DO NOT do this. We believe a time should be set and a certain amount fed. Free feeding a lot of times leads to picky eaters. We want to feed them, have them eat it right away, pick up bowls, wash bowls and done. Having multiple dogs, free feeding is something we for sure CANNOT do, but even if we had just one dog we would not free feed. Of course others think differently and whatever works best for your dog is what you need to do.)

Don't feed too much at once; multiple smaller portions are healthier than one large portion.
(Yes, we agree for Senior dogs, pregnant moms, puppies & large breed dogs. Healthy Adult Frenchies are fine eating once a day with a treat in the morning, it's what works for OUR dogs and creates less picky eaters :)

Smells like something good.....

I am getting close.....

Almost there to my very own Buddy Biscuit...


Times change... Dog Foods like Eukanuba, Bil Jac, Science Diet, Iams, etc... foods that were good for our dogs 15 years ago, are basically considered "poor quality feed" now by many. They do have grains, corn, soy, by-products that dogs really should not be eating and many have trouble digesting. Science Diet is sold and recommended by many Vets, SHAME SHAME... Look on most bags of this crap foods "most vets" recommend, the main ingredient is CORN, should be called CHICKEN FOOD. While we understand that some dogs have no choice "they say" but to be fed these Hills and Purina "prescription foods", I believe this should be the last resort. Try home-cooking, raw, anything 1st before feeding those really "low quality ingredient" prescription feeds. Dog food has evolved, but many are still stuck feeding these  dryfoods from decades ago thinking they are buying the best, when in reality they are overpaying for mediocre to low quality feed that was made popular years ago. We ourselves used to feed some of these back in the day. Everyone feeds what they want & we do not condemn anyone or impose our beliefs on anyone, we simply give an opinion. We just tell people to take a little time and do your research, your dogs will thank you for it!!! Why spend thousands of dollars on dogs to feed poor quality, filler filled food? Spend a little more money and you will see your dogs health improve, their coats, everything.... Everyone feeds what they like and what works for us may not work for others. Go with what you like and what works for your dogs! At the end of the day, the truth is... I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRUST ANY DOG FOOD COMPANY 100%... Every time I buy a bag of feed, I pray that it will not be recalled. Fingers crossed :)


Bon Appetit to all the Frog Dogs!

Tazzy Eating her Buddy Biscuit, Rest In Peace our Sweet Angel

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