***Flying with Frenchie Puppies***
We know some people wonder how to go about it... So.... we made this page to answer those questions for those who don't know.
WE DO NOT Ship Puppies as Cargo!!! We DO NOT use any kind of Pet Shippers, Pet nannies, etc. No middle Man is the best way for us. Avoid any potential problems. From our hands to yours.
No International flying sorry. This is due to quarantines and different laws pertaining to entering other Countries with pets (including Hawaii so not just other countries).  We also do not feel comfortable having our dogs on those long International flights.  This is not personal or against any person or Country, it's simply for the safety of the dogs. You must live in the lower 48 States and you must fly to pick your puppy up personally and meet with us. Sorry, we will not make exceptions to ship a puppy alone as cargo. Research and find out why this can be dangerous, even though the few times we did it many years ago we never had an issue, we have not shipped in years. Dogs can die or get lost or stolen being shipped alone and it's a risk we are not willing to take. In all the years of owning Frenchies we have only shipped 2 puppies alone as Cargo and the last one was back in 2008, which means we have not done this in over 12 years .... things have changed. Policies have changed regarding weather and most have banned shipping any kind of Bulldog alone anyway. So with that said.... Read the methods to get the puppy to you that I explain below and you will see how simple and safe it is.

There are 2 ways to Fly with a Puppy

1- USA Flights ONLY-  Flying Puppy in the Cabin with you with the number one choice of course.
How it's done is you take a round-trip flight to pick puppy up, then return home the same day. If reserved in advance you can usually fly for $200-$300 round trip. Pups flight is additional $80 approx. 

2- Bring your plane or Charter a Plane and fly in style... Ok I know this is not common, but it's happened and why we share this here: 

Here is a little video of one of our puppies "Binah" flying home in the plane her new family chartered

Here is Binah again with her new daddy and new human brother before they boarded:

Here is one of our other babies "Gigi" 
This day they came to pick her up in their own Private Jet

Gigi's ride as they were leaving and next inside the jet flying home with her new human brother :)

They came back for another baby ... 
Picking up Coco 

Shipping Details:

Fly with Puppy Inside Cabin under Seat 


Flying with your puppy on a plane is simple. Here are 3 photos of our little cream boy Toto flying to his new home all the way across the Country to San Francisco, California. It's a long day when traveling across the Country, but you are home the same day. She was lucky they let her take Toto out of his travel bag. Not all airlines will let you do this, but they do fine in their bags... see some samples of that below.

What is needed to Fly the puppy in the Cabin:
NOTE: We'll provide the goodies for travel. We provide a puppy "gift bag" filled with toys. No need to bring treats, as I will have treats, a chew bone, toys and a ziplock with the kibble they are currently eating just in case a flight is canceled and someone is stuck with a baby at the Airport.

You must bring the items below with you:
Airline Approved Soft Sided Crate/Bag. 
2 thin Towels for inside the bag. Towels are absorbent, where blankets are not. Most puppies do not soil the bag, but you can have one that might have a pee accident and it's best to use a towel inside the bag, trust me. The extra one is a "just in case" one.
We suggest you bring a small or collapsible travel bowl to offer water at the Airport while waiting for the flight.
Bring some baby wipes/paper towels for accidents & of course a grocery bag or two for trash "just in case".
Although the puppy will more than likely not use it, bring a small harness and leash.

Sample Link to Collapsible water bowls: 
Popware for Pets Expandable/Collapsible Travel Cup, Small in Pink or Turquoise.

Sample Link to travel bags:
The large one is for pups or adults that weigh up to 22lbs at time of shipping.
You can buy your bag wherever. Just providing helpful links. The bags must be zippered to completely close the dog in and have mesh on sides for ventilation. Look below for photos of what they look like.

This is a "Olive" in her travel bag... 
These are the bags used to travel with the puppy in the plane with you. Must be airline approved and be able to fit under the seat of the Airplane. CALL THE AIRLINE that you are using and ask them if they have specific dimensions...

Here is a bag we have to take the babies to the Vet, but it is Airline Approved. You can get an idea of the size, these are two 5 pound puppies in one bag. Which by the way you can ship 2 puppies together in one bag for the same price.

The bag is actually supposed to go under the seat in front of you as shown below...


 Our Babies flying home in the plane.... or about to board their flights with their new parents....

This is Betty flying in first class. Most flight attendants will let the you get away with letting the puppy stick it's head out. Usually they are very quiet in the bags... it's comfortable for them, you can stick a treat or toys in there for them as well... a blanket, pillow, what you wish.... 
This is "Elvis" in his bag sitting on a "JetBlue Airplane Seat" flying to his new home... Many airlines are very lenient and allow for the puppy to sit like this or be carried on your lap...

Gunther at the Airport fast asleep and happy in his little travel bag and sweater... Waiting for his flight home inside the plane next to his new mommy....
Gumbeaux flying home with his parents... He's on the plane here being carried in the bag by his new mommy.... Some flight attentdants arent too picky where you place the bag :)
Stella in her bag at the airport ready to fly back to AZ
This is Stella's brother Moose inside the plane by his parents feet flying back to his new home in MAINE... 
The other brother HOOTIE flying home in the plane with his new parents... safe and sound by their feet.... Yes, as you see most do let the babies stick their faces out (big bat ears not included in Hootie's case lol)...  They even let you carry them... They sleep and relax and it's not stressful at all. They also do not go potty in their bags, they do really well.
This is an adult waiting to board a flight... You can fly with adults up to I believe 22lbs. This girl LuLu lives bicoastal in NY and LA and flies ALL THE TIME with her mommy.... She even has a special pass where she can sit on one of the seats when she's inside the plane.


Our Puppies will ALWAYS get their Vet check up before pick up:

The Vets office can be scary, not for these girls....

or this boy... he was having fun with his chew... his little sissy was a bit nervous and held on to her brother for comfort....

Our babies getting weighed and fecal exam prior to flying/pick up


Our babies getting Heart Checked prior to flying/pick up....


Our babies getting temp checked prior to flying/pick up....

Our babies getting Ears and knees Checked prior to flying/pick up....

Teeth and Gums checked and next making sure no hernias are present...

Eyes Checked prior to flying/pick up.......

De-Wormed prior to flying/pick up.......

Vaccinated prior to flying/pick up.....

and kennel cough/bordetella nasal vaccine (no longer done) Vet prefers injectible one which is given on opposite shoulder of the Puppy booster vaccine. This is a clear shot where the booster is pink. If owner wants they can choose the nasal type which is effective quicker, but on flat faced breeds the injectible is preferred, less side effects.

All DONE and on the way home...


Some New Parents at the Airport....
Mindy and her new parents at the Airport heading back to WA State


Ella and her new mommy at the Airport heading back to Ohio


Toto and his new mommy at the Airport heading back to CALIFORNIA


Mabel and her new mommy at the Airport heading back to NY


Picking up Yogi was a family affair... the whole family flew from NY to pick up this little guy 


Java with new mom flying home to MA

Billie and Louis and their new mom flying home to NY
2 puppies fly in the same bag for the same price :)

Olive and her parents flying back to NY

Daphne and her momma at the Airport flying home to Long Island

Izzy and her momma at the Airport flying home to NC

Mojo and new momma flying home also to NY


"Mr. Personality" Mojo playing with his new mom at the Airport
Mojo chewing on a treat, he acted like the Airport was HIS home...
Don't know about all Airports, but this one let him run around everywhere, all the ladies behind the counters were in love with him...

Mojo at the Airport RELAXING after much playing....


We hope this page helps you understand how the shipping process works.

Written and Copyright©  By: All Star French Bulldogs



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