-Why Call them Frog Dogs?


Many people wonder... Many people ask us:
"Why are French Bulldogs called Frog Dogs"? 
Well....... here is why.....Ready???????
Most will say it's because the way they look when they lay down.... the position of the back legs and their stocky/cobby bodies make them look like a swimming Frog >>>>> Okay some will say that it is because that is what they called the French and so for those who wonder, do not think I am oblivious to this, I will acknowledge that here... There are many reasons floating around as to why EXACTLY they called the French "Frogs"....  READ HERE: http://allaboutfrogs.org/weird/general/frenchfrogs.html ....  I have read where some say it's derogatory, others say it's not. I am not French, who knows.  Many FRENCH BULLDOG OWNERS prefer to say it's because these dogs actually look like little frogs when they lay down and I am sticking to that being the main reason lol...   There are other dogs that originated in France (other breeds like the French Mastiff or the Bassett Hound) and I have never seen or heard anyone calling a French Mastiff  or a Bassett Hound a frog dog... So why only refer to French Bulldogs as Frog Dogs??? Something to poinder.... I don't know, I was not personally there when they started calling the Frenchies Frogs Dogs...... so I believe it's also because of the way they look, whether it's because someone thought they were ugly or whatever the case may be... I hear it all the time ''those dogs are so ugly they are cute"... Um OKay... so it is what it is... THIS IS MY OPINION, Form your own  :)

And Really... who cares, it's been so many years now, it's not that deep... I just thought I'd post a page on the site with these doggies laying like froggies...


Here are some of our Frenchies doin' the 'FROG DOG' Enjoy!!!



5 week old Mojo doin' the Frog Dog already... they start early lol:


Lou Lou


Juicy one year apart: 9 weeks old - 1 yr old



Chilly Frog Doggin' with her toy


Spike likes to do his Frog Dog in the sand.






Sluggo at 9 wks - notice his siter in the front also frog doggin'


Chilly and sis - BONE TIME


PS. They are also called CLOWN DOGS .Why? Because they are funny little dogs who enjoy 
doing funny antics for their owners for a laugh.
The more you laugh, the more they like it.
Just having Frenchies around makes you laugh.............
they are FUNNY LITTLE DOGS, just look around at all the photos on our site.



Hope this page has helped you understand why "we" call em FROG DOGS!!!
Written and Copyright© by All Star French Bulldogs



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