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Famous French Bulldogs

Frenchies are loved by many people everywhere....
Rich, poor, young, old, famous or not... USA and abroad... They are just a beloved breed.
Here are some "Famous"People" with French Bulldogs. 

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen's French Bulldog...
Bred & born in our home....
Grammy Award Winner John Legend & beautiful & funny wife, Sport Illustrated Cover Model Chrissy Teigen, adopted their French Bulldog Puppy at All Star French Bulldogs in 2011.   She's living a bi-coastal life between NY and LA... You can read about our famous little Pippa here:,,20508124,00.html

The day they we met and handed little Pippa over... that is Chrissy Teigen, Johns beautiful wife, holding little Pippa at the Airport. Photo taken by ALL STAR.

 Her new English brother Puddy :)

Here is Pippa out to lunch with her parents in Beverly Hills, California... More photos of that outing here:
This baby is already a seasoned traveler, flying all over the Country. 
Thanks guys for giving her a great home & exciting life :)

Same Day... See Pippa Live on TMZ:
I was laughing when I saw this... I was like HMMMM I know that puppy :)


Pippa a little older...

Pippa and beautiful Mommy
Pippa, dad John and Puddy
Heading home sleeping with dad Aug 2012
They travel a lot
And again with Puddy Aug 2012

 Another Video On TMZ January 2015


 April 1, 2015
John Legend singing at the wedding ceremony his English Bulldog Puddy & our little Pippa. The video was made to support John’s Omaze campaign. Click the Photo to see the adoraBULL video and support if you can:


Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries holding our ALL STAR BELLA BEAN and that's her happy mommy right next to him :)


Lady Gaga and her Brindle Frenchie Asia


Reese Witherspoon and Coco Chanel

Ashley Simpson & her frenchie

Hugh Jackman and Dali

Marion Lopez and Julio Cesar Chavez ….

Mario Lopez Julio Dressed Up Halloween 20122... was he photobombed? lol

Jack Osbourne French Bulldog (don't know name)

David and Scarlet Beckham

Lounging poolside...
(side note: this is very dangerous, I sure hope someone was right next to her)

Scarlet Beckham napping in one of Mommy’s very expensive handbags …

Denise Richards & Hank


Leonardo Di Caprio and DJango

A younger Leo with his other Frenchie 

Cesar Millan

On the show THE TALK

Cesar on his show with his Frenchie Sid

Kris Allen and Zorro

Funny, his wife had contacted us for a Frenchie, but I didn't have what they were looking for. Glad they found this litte guy, hope he is everything they wanted. The first photos is Kris and his new album cover 2012:

Kris and Zorro at the beach and picking him up at the Airport, hence the guitar and suitcase.


Christina Perri & Pistachio


Carrie Fisher


Zac Braff

Ashley Olsen and her frenchie

As a puppy...

Grown and almost as big as her  ;)

Christina Ricci and Ramon

SnowBoarder Shaun White and Rambo

Gilles Marini from Sex in the City and Dancing with the Star and Mila


Jason Priestly and his old dog Swifty

Kristin Cavalari, Brody Jenner and Bentley

Malcolm McDowell and his frenchie

Melissa George & Glee

Artist Amanda Dolan and Pearl down the runway

YVES SAINT LAURENT- and bulldogs Moujik 1 and 2

Patty Hearst and Diva

Michelle Trachtenberg and Mya

Shanna Moakler and her 2 French Bulldogs Woof Woof & Biscuit


Pamela Hasselhoff and Bandit

Frenchies in Movies, TV Shows & Commercials
Too much exposure can be detrimental to a breed, but  Frenchies are just too adoraBULL I guess for TV Producers to pass up.... they are being seen in TV commercials a lot recently. You can see these ads on You Tube or on the Web

Mr Quiggly from the Sketchers Ad aired during Superbowl 2012... so funny....


TV Show Modern Family 2 French Bulldogs

First Stella (real name Brigitte)
Cast member on the number one comedy show.
Read her story here:,,20541769,00.html

The New STELLA... starting in the new FALL 2012 Season... 
Second Stella (real name Beatrice)


The frenchie from the Movies Bringing down the House and Second Hand Lions

Haley Joel Osment

Robert Downey and Sonny from the movie Due Date

Zac Efron and Rocky (a Frenchie Actor)


and Last.... probably the 2 most Famous TV Frenchies most everyone has seen....
Martha Stewart with Francesca and Sharkey

At Home Depot... we take our dogs to Lowes, love the hardware "dog friendly" stores :)

French Bulldogs make awesome pets as you can see :) 
Hope you enjoyed!!!


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