AdoraBULL,  LovaBULL,  HuggaBULL  and simply  IrresistiBULL!

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*** Past Litter of Babies have all been ADOPTED

2 Beautiful Boys and 2 Gorgeous Girls  Born 5-7-2011
"AKC Registered - Champion Blood, Champion Sired Parents"
Click Graphic to See this litter's Individual Page with tons of photos since birth:


    Roly(Black) - Pippa (Red) - Beau(Blue) - Gigi(Pink) - at 6 weeks old

    After their Vet visit and Health Exams on 6/28/2011
    From left to right:  Beau - Pippa - Roly and Gigi


    The 4 babies NEW FAMILIES:

    "Beau"  on 7/2/2011, the day he went home. 
    First he is Pictured here with his new human brother and his new momma holding "Bella" who is a year old and from one of our 2010 litters. She is also a daughter of Gizmo. Next picture is Bella on the right and Beau on the left shortly after they got him, then last pic on the right is on Oct 2011 both of them in the kitchen, looks like they are waiting for a treat..... Sunny Florida is where these two are at.
    Bowie is now called "Roly" 
    Pictured here with his new mom and dad shortly after they got him. Living the life in Louisiana...
    Honey is now called "Gigi"
    The The Gardner family the day they came to pick her up in their Jet on 7/16/2011
    Gigi's ride as they were leaving and next inside the jet flying home to Arkansas with her new human brother :)
    sAnd last...  Gigi and her new Lab sisters at home September 2011:
    Hazel is now called "Pippa" 
    She is owned by Grammy Award Winner John Legend and his beautiful (and funny) wife, Sport Illustrated Cover Model Chrissy Teigen..
    She's living a bi-coastal life between NY and LA... You can read about our famous little Pippa here:,,20508124,00.html

    The day they we met and handed little Pippa over... Chrissy Teigen, Johns beautiful wife, holding little Pippa at the Airport. Photo taken by ALL STAR

    Meeting her new English brother Puddy :)

    And last... here is Pippa out to lunch with her parents in Beverly Hills, California... More photos of that outing here:
    This baby is already a seasoned traveler, flying all over the Country. Thanks guys for giving her a great home & exciting life.

    Same Day... See Pippa Live on TMZ:
    I was laughing when I turned on TMZ this day & saw them... I was like HMMMM I know that puppy lol...


    Pippa all grown up... Another TMZ Video January 2015

Video of the four at 6 Weeks old 6/19/2011:
Pink Collar=Honey - Blue Collar= Beau - Red Collar= Hazel - Black Collar= Bowie
Their nightly romp in the kitchen play area. All 4 are Playful, Happy, Confidant, Outgoing, Sweet and Drop Dead Gorgeous... everything we love and strive for.

Video of the four at 5 Weeks old 6/13/2011:
How cute are they... the video speaks for itself. Quite the personalites already at such a young age... Just precious :)


***2015 Important FYI***
1-Does All Star advertise puppies anywhere on the Internet???
NO... NEVER. Never have and NEVER will.  The ONE and ONLY place where you will EVER see one of our babies up for Adoption is right here on this page. The only site we have ever or will ever place a puppy up for Adoption is here. If you see ANY of our photos somewhere else online know that they are STOLEN and it is NOT All Star. Our website is linked on dog sites and different places around the web, it's how the Internet works due to search engines, but as far as us advertising a specific puppy or dog as Available anywhere, NEVER!!!  The one and ONLY email to inquire about our babies is listed on this website and has been the same for almost a decade. Fill out a Questionnaire and sent it. It's very easy and quick. Scroll down on this Page to see ADOPTION PROCESS...  It's 2015 people... Scammers are stealing pictures all the time, not just Frenchies, but many breeds!!! Look at our *SCAM ALERT* page to see how they have stolen our photos along with other breeders, including photos of our FRENCHIE FAMILIES who have adopted babies from us.
****As of the Fall of 2014 any new PHOTO and VIDEO posted by All Star has been/will be WATERMARKED. We did not know when we created this site 10 years ago that we would be victims of scammers stealing our personal photos/videos. Sign of the times.... Not only do people have to be careful of dog thieves who steal dogs in person, but also scammers online... Just a sad world we live in. 
****TIP:If someone has a puppy they claim is really theirs and you are in doubt, ask them to take a RECENT PHOTO OR VIDEO CLIP of the puppy with them holding a piece of paper next to the puppy with the date and your name on it and have them send it to you to show you it is recent and real... You will NOT hear back from them if it is a scam because obviously they do not have the puppy. Go with your gut, ALWAYS talk to the person over the phone NOT over text.. Ask for references if you are not sure and remember if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS. 
2-Does All Star have Partners or CO-Ownerships????
NO... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! NEVER have and NEVER will. If you see anything that has to do with advertising dogs anywhere on the WEB, whether photos, writing, whatever... saying it is us or that they are associated with us... It is a SCAM.  We do not co-own dogs with anyone and we do not have any partners, puppy sitters, agents, workers, shippers, etc... If you hear of anyone saying they are PARTNERS or they work with us in any way DO NOT BELIEVE them. We are not a business, these are our babies. The one and only dog we own that does not live with us is our AKC Champion "Spike" who is living in Texas with a very well known and long time Frenchie Breeder of OVER 40 years "Linda McKee" who is using Spike as her stud, but he is still our dog, he is not co-owned. You can see him on the *OUR FRENCHIES* page. 
3-Does All Star ship or transport dogs???
No Dogs/Puppies will ever be shipped!!!! We do not and will NOT ever ship any dog/puppy as CARGO or use a private "puppy/dog" service or transport and will never use a so called "puppy nanny" or "agent" that will supposedly fly with the puppy/dog.  If you want a puppy/dog from us we must meet face to face & personally hand you your puppy/dog!!!  To see how "Shipping/Pick Up" works... Look on our *SHIPPING PAGE*, it is a VERY simple and EASY process and we have many references that can attest to this.


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