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Want  to Purchase a Frenchie???

If you are thinking about purchasing a French Bulldog here are a few things you need to know...  There are a lot of scams and shady people trying to rip off innocent people with these Frenchies and it's really a darn shame:

  • We believe you should do research on the breed before purchasing one. Frenchies are smart, wonderful, funny, beautiful companions, but they have special needs. French Bulldogs are beautiful and a site to see. With their smooshed faces, short stocky torsos and big bat ears they are a wonderful little package... But these very things that make them so great can also produce conditions which make French Bulldogs susceptible to different health conditions. Even dogs that have been health screened and dogs that have earned show titles can produce dogs with certain genetic defects. A breeder cannot guarantee 100% that something will NEVER happen in the future, someone that tells you that is feeding you a sales line to take your money and you should go elsewhere. All French Bulldogs are prone to certain diseases ... CLICK HERE  to visit a Frenchie Health Issue page.
  • Be aware of those who sell dogs based on RARE colors!!!!    Do Your Research" before you buy into these "Sales Gimmicks" seen on many websites using these words such as  "RARE", " ONE OF A KIND", "EXOTIC", " MINI" , etc... just to sell puppies. Color does not make a dog any better or any worse, but unfortunately we have unethical breeders trying to cash in on those "rare colors"  like BLUE or whatever the latest fad may be.  There isn't anything rare about any color listed on the AKC color list, that's just another sales pitch.  Those "RARE" colors are considered DISQUALIFICATIONS.... Colors such as Mouse (Blue), Liver (Chocolate), etc... these are diluted colors and not accepted in the AKC Ring anyway.  A large majority of diluted coats such as the "Blues", of most Bully Breeds, suffer from chronic skin disorders/allergies. I am sure there are many healthy blues around, just do your research if that is the route you choose. Any line can throw a diluted dog, you don't see them around cause breeders culled them from their line, meaning they purposely breed away from it. This happens with other Bully Breeds, not just the Frenchies. There is no such thing as rare eye color either, blue eyes are a fault/genetic defect and something not desirable.  There are no such thing as "Mini Frenchies", the standard calls for them to be 18-28lbs. Some are smaller and less bully than others, but they are all the same breed.
  • Be careful of those selling Frenchies too cheap. Raising and breeding these dogs correctly is NOT Cheap. They are not easy to breed and require lots of care. If you see ads or web sites selling Frenchie Puppies for $1500 or less, BE CAREFUL, that's usually a RED FLAG. More than likely they are importing and buying the puppies in bulk from other countries for a couple hundered dollars, that's usually the only way they can let Frenchie pups go for that cheap. Remember YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!! If it's too cheap, it's probably garbage. Don't let cute puppy pictures fool you, a lot of times scammers steal pictures from online kennels and online web sites and use these stolen pictures to sell their dogs and puppies and it's not even the dog in the picture. Ask for updated or different pictures. If they can't provide them, it's probably not their dog. 
  • Be careful of a breeder who is not willing to take their dogs back. Meaning if you have a problem that you can't keep the dog the breeder should take it back and be able to re-home it. I am not talking about giving you a refund. Any Frenchie we produce will always have a home here, if for whatever reason the buyer cannot keep it, we will take it back. We believe the breeder of any dog, of any breed, should take responsibility for the dogs they produce for life.
  • Be careful of breeders or kennels that do not offer some sort of Health Guarantee against hereditary defects. Get it in writing, vocal agreements don't really count unless you absolutely trust the breeder 100% and even then... Just get it in writing!
  • BE AWARE OF BROKERS AND IMPORTERS.....  Be careful of those who do not show pictures. If they have a litter, they should have pictures of them. Most of the times web sites do not show a picture of the mother or father.  If someone cannot provide pictures you ask for, more than likely the puppies are IMPORTED and they probably don't have the parents. There are exceptions to every rule, but If I am buying a dog I personally would like to also see a picture of the mom nursing the litter, seeing is believing. I like to see pictures of the whole litter as well and multiple pictures, not just one or two.... so you know what you're getting. Many of these kennels selling puppies from outside of this Country will say they have a family member in Russia or in Ukraine or some other Country known to be IMPORTING puppies, they say the family members shows the dogs over in that Country, that the dogs are champions, but they are sending them to the UNITED STATES to sell...  It's usually all a lie, just a breeding or Importing operation... trust me, I know of a few people who have gotten scammed this way....
FCI and APRI Champions are NOT the same as AKC Champions. 
Read: Pedigrees and Registrations  
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