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Is A Frenchie Right For Me?
Frenchies LOVE to be loved...  If you want a happy, funny, loyal and loving companion, who doesnt require much exercise and will bring you tons of happiness and joy... THEN  YES.... Of  course it's not so easy. If you want an outdoorsy type dog, NOPE, not this breed. Read this page for more info on the breed:  [ Frenchie Information]

How are they with other animals?
For the most part, they do get along very well with their own breed and other breeds... but again, socialization, discipline, environment, it all matters. How your dog is bred matters also. I have met people who bought that cute frenchie puppy in the picture because it was cheaper... Come to find out it was an Import and those tend to be more hyper and aggressive than your well bred, American bred French Bulldog from quality lines. Read this page for more information on this subject: [ French Bulldog Aggression ]  Many photos of Frenchies and their " non-human friends" are on that page.

How Are they With Kids?
     Frenchies are lovers for the most part....  I believe teaching our Children and Dogs what is right and wrong from the beginning will make kids and dogs a great combination! Many of my Frenchie babies are in homes with children and they could not be happier. Proper training and supervision is a must with ANY breed. Read this page for more info  [ Frenchie Information] 

How Much Do They Why Do They Cost So Much? 
French Bulldogs are expensive... for a number of reasons.  They are deliver only by Caesarian, have low litter sizes, and usually need to be artificially inseminated. All of this tends to keep their prices rather high. Please ensure that if you find one that seems to be a bargain it's probably an import or a puppy mill. Keeping these dogs the right way and breeding them the right way is not cheap.  Read this page for more information on this subject: [French Bulldog Cost ]

Are Frenchies Noisy?
As far as barking? Not really, there are exceptions to everything of course, but most Frenchies aren't excessive barkers, but most will warn when someones coming to the door. The majority however, do grunt and snort and make super adorable FRENCHIE NOISES.... some sound like coyotes with the FRENCHIE HOWL and some make sounds you've just never heard before.... quite amusing and quite entertaining and one of the main reasons why this breed is so unique.

Do They Drool, Snore and  Fart?
No drooling... they are not English Bulldogs or French Mastiffs.  Most do snore...   Some do fart a lot, some hardly do and some may fart, but it's not as potent lol... It just depends on your frog dog and what you feed them matters as well.

Can Frenchies Swim?
For the most part this would be a big NO !!!!!!!
Read this page for more information on this subject: [ French Bulldogs and Water ]

    Why are they called Frog Dogs or Clown Dogs?
    Read this page for more information on this subject: [ Why Frog Dogs ]

    What should I feed my  Frenchie?
     Again, I have a whole page dedicated to this... 
    Read this page for more information on this subject: [ Chow Hall/FeedingTips ]

Can a Frenchie be Shipped?
Not  a surprise, but I have a whole page dedicated to this as well... 
Read this page for more information on this subject: [ Shipping Info Page ]

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