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French Bulldogs - AKC Champion French Bulldogs

*AKC Champion* "Peanut"
AKC Champion  -  AKC Grand Champion Father - Not At Public Stud!
"26-27lbs" Our Drop Dead Gorgeous Fawn Boy...  Cobby, thick and ridiculously handsome. This boy is what a FRENCH BULLDOG BOY SHOULD be...Muscles galore, stocky, blocky square head, compact and bone for days. He has out of this world movement with that perfect frenchie roll :)   At 6 yrs old now (2016) he's still a spunky, happy, boy oozing with sweetness. With his father being an AKC Grand Champion, we knew he would earn his title on no time. He did great on the road with handlers and made Champion quickly at a year old. His confidence and "the world is mine" attitude earned him ribbons at every show.  An AKC Champion, earning several Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Breed ...Go Peanut!!! A great froggie we are very proud to own!!!

French Bulldogs - AKC Champion French Bulldogs French Bulldogs - AKC Champion French Bulldogs French Bulldogs - AKC Champion French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC Champion French Bulldogs French Bulldogs - AKC Champion French Bulldogs


AKC Champion Grand Sired - Not At Public Stud!
"25-26lbs" Our home bred "HONEY PIED" handsome boy. The color Honey Pied is WHITE with FAWN MARKINGS on the white coat... He is a son of GIZMO and our girl Fancy. What can be said about him... Well for one ... he is a son of our old man Gizmo so we could not be prouder to have this boy. He loves his daddy, two peas in a pod... Daddy shows him the ropes and he politely follows and obeys ha ha! He has a zest for life that's a little enviable. He is always happy, ready for a good time and loves bones and toys. Sweet, loving, cuddly, playful and a joy to be around. He has a great head and is a thick boned, gorgeous little man with big, beautiful bat ears. 

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

"25-26lbs" Our Handsome OLD MAN (14yrs old now). Our first Frenchie Boy!!! Our Cream, Royal Gremlin! A compact, strong, muscular boy who is still so young at heart and doing fantastic. To say we are beyond grateful to have owned this boy the past 14 years would be an understatement. What a JOY!!! He has produced some of our best looking babies. He had such beautiful movement & conformation as a young dog and is still quite the handsome fella, even with less teeth now and barely can see lol...  He had this blocky head with a face to die for...  Perfect wrinkles, Perfect Bat ears, Perfect pigment for a cream dog, thick bones and just a beautiful dog.  He has always been super laid back with the sweetest disposition and an easy going little guy. 

As a young frog he went on the road with AKC handlers for his AKC Championship and has multiple wins.... However, he did not do well on the road. He did not eat right, lost weight stuck in a crate on a bus from show to show. The show life is not easy, many dogs just do not do well being sent out with handlers. Then he lost some front bottom teeth in an accident... So... he was retired from the show ring. He has enjoyed his life chilling, lounging by the pool, being spoiled and enjoying his life as a dog... as it should be!!! Not every dog is meant to be an "official papered champion", but he is definitely BETTER than MANY papered champions I've seen and he sure does make champion quality babies!!! He is a healthy and happy old boy enjoying life on the couch, sun bathing, still chasing the girls and rolling around on his back on the grass :)

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

*AKC Champion* "Spike" - RETIRED
AKC Champion  - Both parents also AKC Champions -  Not At Public Stud! - Not living with us at this time!
"26-27lbs" Our scrumptious Brindle Pied Champion... our Bully Boy! Just look at him, he has bone for days, stocky, cobby, and just gorgeous. Awesome movement/drive, great head piece... he is definitely everything a Frenchie should be.... Beautiful conformation, with an outstanding personality & temperament. He's a lover boy full of himself...  Definitely a crowd grabber & attention seeker. He's a funny boy, who plays nice with everyone and is just a happy go lucky guy. He's the charmer round here! He produces gorgeous kids, just look at them here on this page.... Ginger, Brindy, Chilly, Trixie and Tyson are all his kids :)

Update News: As of  November: 2011 Spike is living in Texas... He will be there for a while getting some Southern Lovin from the frenchie girls in the State where everything is bigger and Spike is the big man around there for now :)

French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs


 AKC Champion Grand Sired
 AKC Champion Grand Sired - Spayed & Retired Nov 2019 :)
"19-20 lbs"  A home bred HONEY PIED sweety. Honey Pied is WHITE with FAWN MARKINGS... She is a daughter of our Gizmo and Fancy. She is a compact, chunky, cobby, show quality girl with a face any mother would love. She is a mellow, sweet, laid back little gal who is happy lounging around, playing with toys or having froggie fun with the other kids. She is a little obssessed with the water hose and chasing the laser light just like her mommy. This piglet loves pork rinds, frozen bananas, apples and basically anything edible is fine with her ha ha. She likes to talk to you and she is beyond sweet. This girl is just awesome... yes I am biased.



 AKC Champion Sired
"26lbs"  A home-bred fawn bootylicious baby... This thick, chunky girl is a daughter of our AKC Champion Peanut and our old retired girl "Blondy". She has a face to die for, lots of bone and built like a mac truck with hard as rock muscles. This girl.... OUR BOOTY B... what can be said about her. Well she shakes her entire butt and wags her nub... its a must see... She is BEYOND smart, funny and inquisitive. She is obsessed with tennis balls.... Always ready for a game of fetch (see pics above, she was ready for that ball)... Our first TRUE FETCHING FRENCHIE. While we have others who will fetch occasionally... she does it ALL THE TIME and brings you the ball, unike the others lol.... She is sooooo much fun... defnitely momma's girl. So sweet... always ready for a snack, a bone, a belly rub or just chilling, sleeping and cuddle time. Beyond adorbs my froggie queen.





AKC Champion Grand Sired 
 "24lbs" Our cream sweetie pie. A muscular, blocky headed gorgeous baby girl. She is a daughter of our old man Gizmo and  looks so much like him. I am not sure what I can say about this girl wiithout sounding like I am gushing... This baby is always HAPPY... what a way to live life huh... She is definitely a ray of sunshine around here. A little mischievous outside, likes to explore the woods... but as she matured she learned very quickly what we expect of her or maybe the one time she ventured off and was lost for 15 minutes scared her lol... it sure scared us. This girl is everything we could have hoped for . A big ole tongue like her daddy and reminds of so much of her retired half sister Liittle Debbie... She likes to talk to us and she makes us laugh everyday .... Loves just chilling on her back lol... its pretty funny. Attention, cuddles, bones and treats = one happy Little Gidge :)





"Toot Toot"
AKC Champion Grand Sired 

"25lbs"  A home-bred almost all white girl. She is technically a piebald, she has very faint cream/fawn marks here and there, but if you look at her from far you think she is all white, with one dark patch of pigment on her right side.... Quite unique. She is one of the last daughters born off our old man Gizmo and her momma is our retured girl Fancy. This baby doll is so sweet and laid back like her old daddy. She has a face to die for, great head, thick, super sweet with an appetite like no other, hence her chunkiness ha ha! She is really the best of both worlds. Loves to have fun with the other kids, but very sweet and chill with her hoomans & never looks for trouble. We love our Tooty Fruity with the big ol booty.

More to come....




More Pics....Coming Soon...
In the meantime see her in a few of the group shots down below...



AKC Champion Sired 

"20lbs"  A home-bred fawn girl, daughter of our AKC Champion Peanut.

More to come....



*** Retired Frenchies***

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"Group shots of our frog kids"
Many have retired, a couple have passed away, but none-the-less they are deserving of still being displayed below...
Even if they are no longer with us physically on earth or living in another home, they will always have a piece of our hearts  :)
I try to post a few collages every year .... ENJOY

*** JAN 2018 ***
The old man.. our RETIRED BOY GIZMO ... 13 years old with his kids :)
The boys are wearing BELLY BANDS... look them up on Amazon. They have been a lifesavor for when girls are in heat... Praise the lord :)
Toot Toot, Gidget and Gipsy



*** FALL - OCT/NOV 2017 ***

Biscuit, Tila, behind her our retired girl Jade and Gipsy way in the back...


Oct 2017
Hot Fall Sunny day.... girls wanna play....
OUR GIRLS... waiting to chase the ball... well... some just chase the others, but nonetheless it's tennis ball time lol, Tila, Tor, Gidget, Gipsy, Biscuit


Retired Fancy with best buddy Biscuit and daughter Gidget...


The old man.... our retired boy Gizmo... 2018 - 13 years old

Retired Fancy and Gidget Summer 2017


Biscuit - Gidget  and retired girl Jade in the back...


Our hilarious Biscuit.... gosh this girl.... I can't with her....


Current and retired girls FANCY and JADE

Biscuit and retired Fancy .... both ready for the Tennis Ball.....


Gidget stealing my Ninja smoothie cup lol.... Gotta hand it to her... that big tongue served its purpose...


Its 2016 & Our Frogs Love Chairs lol ....
Sadly we had to retire our 20 year old white kitchen chair when some very young babies decided it made a lovely snack  :(
Introducing our steal legged black kitchen chair ... ha ha, we won! Until they discovered the baseboards, but lets not go there... ah the joys of raising babies.






Jelly Belly, Fancy, Jade & Dixie

Jelly Belly and Jade, two daughters of our AKC Champion Peanut...
whoever owns more than one frog dog knows this pose :)


Spring arrived and many of the All Star froggies were ready to get their feet wet, have a snack & just have fun :)
Fancy and the Hose...

WARNING: For anyone who fills their kiddie pools with water or gives their dogs (or your kids and even yourself) water from the hose, make sure you purchase DRINKING WATER SAFE hoses. Regular hoses contain toxins like lead... Do a google search for "IS IT SAFE TO DRINK FROM A WATER HOSE" and read for yourself...
These are the type of hoses we have in the 25, 50 and 100 foot sizes:
Just thought I'd help by sharing that for those who don't know  :)

So... on to Fancy...
This is one hose obsessed girl... we can't figure out if she loves it... or hates it lol...

It's 2018 and Fancy STILL does this lol... This girl... gotta love her.

She's not our only water loving frenchie, just the one obsessed with the hose lol... Notice Fancy below on the right... she's waiting until we say OKAY... she knows she just can't do it without approval first, so that's a good thing.

Our old cream boy Gizmo hangs in there with all the younger ones having fun chasing daddy...

Treat Time....
Brindy/Chilly/Ginger Spayed/... all Retired
Gizmo along with our 4 month old baby wait... while our retired Foxy girls Ginger, Brindy and Chilly do the frenchie ballerina dance for treats.
Gizmo's turn.... Brindy, Chilly look on and Lil Debbie takes a lick of water from the pool  :)

Oh oh... everyone's coming for a snack including the 2 babies......
We miss these girls... ALL SPAYED/RETIRED & placed in forever homes except for Chilly of course. The little puppies were Jade and Hunny Bunny.... wow time flies...

2 babies and all the spayed/retired girls with our retired Gizmo

Jade on left sleeping, Dixie and Chilly
All spayed/retired girls


Ty Ty and Lil Debbie lean on each other :)
Ty has been neutered retired and in new home, Little Debbie has been spayed and retired and is in her new home also and Chilly of course is spayed and was never bred.


I get emails where people can't get just 2 dogs to get along, let alone chew bones together... Well... here are a couple girls chewing bones next to each other. Be the Pack Leader, discipline and let them know who is boss from day one... You teach kids right from wrong, same with dogs. Sure they can squabble like siblings do, and THEY DO, but they have to respect you & know what is right and wrong. This is Little Debbie (retired girl) and Fancy chewing bones while Brindy looked on...

Tug Fun with Twinkie, Lil Debbie, Fancy and Brindy
(Brindy and Little Debbie are now spayed, retired and in their new homes)

Watch a video of these 3 girls playing on our You Tube Channel:


ALL Retired/Spayed Girls having a little recliner time

  Ginger -Blondy - Little Debbie - Chilly
Frenchdoodles lol - We miss these 3 girls... they were always ready for Treats....
All girls are in their retired  homes...

All spayed/retired girls

Lil Deb- Ginger- Blondy
Lil Deb- Ginger- Blondy- Chilly



Trixie and Chilly Cone Time
Sisters share their last McDonalds ice cream cone before Trixie went to her new forever home in GA...
May 26, 2011


Retired Girls
Ginger and Trixie live in GA and are living the life with Lynn :)
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

Chilly - Trixie - Tyson  the 3 stooges.... our beloved Tazzy babies all grown up!!!
As of June 25, 2011 - Trixie is living with Lynn in GA, Spayed and Retired... and in the best home we could have ever wanted for her.
Living like a Queen like her mommy and sisters, sleeping in bed and getting everything she ever wanted. THANK YOU Lynn. Ty is also in GA walking his owners horses and being the clown of her home... Thank you for providing our babies with such a fabulous retired home :)


Ginger - Trixie - Chilly - 3 Retired/Spayed Girls


French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

All 3 are Retired/Spayed Girls - 2009 and living in their new forever homes. LOOK ON OUR RETIRED FRENCHIES PAGE.
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

All 5 are Retired/Spayed Girls circa 2009
RIP tp Brindy, RIP to Trixie


3 Retired/Spayed  Girls
How can this be... how was this almost 9 years ago.... Just reminiscing going through these old photos that have been here forever and updating my comments....


2009 - A young Chilly - Star RIP :(  and our boy Gizmo
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

Throw some Ice out of the cooler and leave it up to the kids to sit there and eat it lol
ALL Below Retired/SPAYED, except Spike who's living in TX for now and the puppy is "Biggles" who was adopted and spayed of course


Retired- Neutured and Spayed
Tyson is in GA and Didi is also in GA.... it's Jan 2018... Tyson will be 10 and Didi will be 12 soon... We miss our babies... but they are forever loved and spoiled in their retired homes...

Both are Retired/Spayed


2008... time has flown by, its 2018 now... wow... I remember taking this photo  :(
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs


2008 - Time flies... they will be 10 years old this year 2018... Both of these babies are alive, well happy and loved.
French Bulldogs - AKC French Bulldogs

* My Frenchies Live Here *

My Frenchies live here, they're here to stay.
if you don't like them, be on your way.
they share my home, my food, my space
this is their home, this is their place.

You will find dog hair on the floor,
they will alert you're at the door.
they may request a little pat,
a simple 'no' won't settle that.

It gripes me when I hear you say
'just how is it you live this way?
they fart, they snore, they're in the way..'
WHO ASKED YOU? is all I can say..

They love me more than anyone,
my voice is like the rising sun,
they merely have to hear me say
'C'mon , time to go and play'

then booties shake and faces grin,
they bounce and hop and make a den.
They never say 'no time for you',
they're always there, to GO and DO.

And if I'm sad? They're by my side
and if I'm mad? they circle wide
and if I laugh, they laugh with me
they understand, they always see.

So once again, I say to you...
come visit me, but know this too..
My Frenchies live here, they're here to stay.
you don't like them, be on your way.
they share my home, my food, my space
this is their home, this is their place..

                                                                    Edited by All Star to suit our Frog Dogs :)


Foxy says:
Thank you for visiting and GOODNIGHT!



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