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Are French Bulldogs Dog Aggressive?

I can only speak for my Frenchies and what I've seen with my own eyes. 

We get this question many times when someone is looking for a Frenchie Puppy and why I decided to put this page up. French Bulldogs are dogs first and foremost and YES they can be aggressive, there is no way to predict 100%. If you want to know for certain what a puppy is going to be like as an adult don't get a puppy, get an adult. This way you know the personality of the dog. Just like you can't predict what a 1 year old Child is going to be like as an adult, same goes for puppies... they change so much, it's impossible to know 100%. Many times people expect too much from puppies, they want all the answers and then when the puppy doesn't turn out the way they want they are upset. I will never tell someone what I think "they want to hear" just to sell them a dog. I cannot lie and tell them everything will be peachy and rosy and they will have no problems in the future. Many breeders will paint this wonderful picture and tell you the puppy is going to be perfect, etc. etc...  The truth is there is no way to know 100% how any puppy is going to turn out when it's a full grown adult at 2-3 years old. 

As far as our dogs... ALL OUR DOGS GET ALONG... take a look around at all our photos of them together. With the exception of two grown males.  We got one male as an older puppy, he came in and tried to take over and a fight broke out the first week he was here. Since then, they have been "frenemies" I would say.  Can we let them out together? Sure.. (look at the photo to the right that's both of them inbetween girls) but we have to supervise them at all times. We have lots of acres where they can run and play so when outside there is usually enough room for them to ignore each other. Inside the house we watch them as well, but most times they take turns. Some people wouldn't be able to do this, but we are experienced in dogs, we just watch their body language and correct them before it gets out of hand. Both of these males have been on the Show Circuit with handlers and multiple strange grown male dogs and have gotten along fine with other males. To me, it's not a "male thing", it's more of a grudge they hold against each other since they got into that altercation from the start. It's their way of trying to be the alpha here at home. We just live with it. In a perfect world we'd love for them to love each other, lay together and not have to watch them, but any dog of any breed can behave this way. Having bullies for 20yrs I just deal with it, what can ya do.

A Frenchie breeder/mentor  who's had Frenchies for over 30years will tell you it's the Frenchie Girls who are the feistier ones on her house and the trouble makers. Well.... go figure all our girls get along just great. Have my girls gotten into squabbles? Well of course they have, over a dropped kibble or a food bowl, but never to the point of the 2 boys. I don't have to watch any of my girls. We feed them separately and pick up bowls after 20-30 minutes. This way all food is out of the way. The weird thing is, they will not fight at treat time. They all get their treats at the same time, everyone jumping over each other (see photos below) and pushing each other out the way and no one fights with anyone. It's more of a GUARDING thing with Frenchies and their food bowls. This is of course with a HOUSE FULL of Frenchies, I am not talking about just having one or two, that would be a piece of cake lol. 

Frenchies are funny dogs, most of them do think they are boss. Most of them do think the world belongs to them. Most of the do think they are BIG DOGS, in these 20-25lbs bodies. I get emails from people wanting girls because they think a girl will be more "laid back" and sweeter. Talk to many frenchie breeders out there and they will tell you the Frenchie Boys are the sweeter and more loving ones. Don't get me wrong, it's not that the girls aren't, but for the most part ALL THE BOYS are, where some of the girls are independent and bossy.

Some Frenchies can also get along with every dog in their household and not do well with other dogs in public. Some Frenchies can be territorial of their owner. For instance our Chilly will run to where we are and jump on us so the other dogs can't. She likes to take over momma and dad and let's out her growls in disapproval... We think it's funny, but we let her know it's not. It's not a "I WANT TO FIGHT GROWL", she's just complaining and telling the others to STAY AWAY, she wants to be the boss. We just teach her that it's not acceptable. We do not reward that behavior. You have to be consistent when you get one that has the boss mentality.

For the most part, the French Bulldog breed as a whole is not very dog aggressive, but you have to judge each individual and not stereotype them. Again, most Frenchies do think the world should revolve around them. As an owner you must establish yourself as leader of the pack and let each of them know what is acceptable and what is not. Too many people let the dogs run them and that's when the dogs get out of control and don't respect them. In my house the dogs know who's boss......... US HUMANS ARE THE BOSS, as it should be! That does not mean they are not spoiled, because they are, but they know what is expected of them and when we say something we mean it, they must respect us. 

I find it so funny when I read that Frenchies are LAP DOGS and super docile. I wouldn't  necessarily agree. While they do like your lap, they are big dogs in little bodies and many have that big dog attitude. At the end of the day THEY ARE BULLDOGS, if you want a little foo foo dog to dress up and be a statue, get a Teacup Yorkie or something lol. If you want a French Bulldog, know that you are getting a BULLDOG. Sure some can be submissive and shy and docile, but many of them are bullheaded, strong willed, driven, funny little dogs. Many are active, they like to run and play and exert themselves. Of course they don't take long to tire out, after all they are a brachycephalic (flatface) breed, but they do enjoy play time and exercise in moderation. They can be stubborn so do know they need discipline and need to be taught right from wrong and of course them spoil them all you want.

How are they with other animals/breeds?

 The majority of Frenchies can live perfectly well with other breeds, same sex or opposite sex and not have a problem. My puppies usually go to homes with other dogs and once the older dog accepts the puppy, it usually turns into a beautiful friendship. Puppies enjoy being with other dogs, it's the older dogs you have to watch. Many Frenchies co-habitate with cats and birds, even pigs without a problem, usually if brought up with them since puppy hood there is a great chance of friendship between the different species.  On the flip side, living in the Country I can tell you many Frenchies enjoy hunting/chasing squirrels and rabbits and chickens and wouldn't think twice about chasing a cat if one should ever be bold enough to come on the property. We don't have cats as pets, therefore to my dogs cats are not their friends. A lot of Frenchies have high prey drive, many have no prey drive at all as well. Again, you must judge each dog individually and if you get a puppy train it, teach it right from wrong and hope for the best. 

Below are some Frenchies we have bred with their new friends....


3 year old Elvis and his bunny... yes a real bunny


Casper (the one in the middle) on his 1st birthday with his Lab Buddy and frenchie sissy Reecie


A frenchie baby's first day meeting the house cat...


Little Claire meets the other family pet... a pot belly piggy....

Olive on her 1st Birthday with a Pit bull friend and 2 Bostons...

"Pebbles" aka IZZY in her Doggy Day Care with all different breeds....

To the novice it may seem like Chilly is attacking her brother Tyson in this photo to the left. First he is not braking at the camera, he is talking to me. Yes I said "TALKING". He likes to bark when you stalk him and say "I'M GOING TO GET YOU", it's a game we play. I was playing with him to get these shots and of course Chilly joined in, not to protect momma, but to show off and also play herself. She was jumping on him and barking at him. ALL IN FUN, A GAME, if you will. Do all of them do this? No of course not, they are all different, but I sure enjoy them when they are full of spunk and pizzazz!Their mother TAZZY in the top 1st photo on this page. She was growling at Spike while in her bath, she was in heat and he was trying to flirt with her and she was well... in a bitchy mood, as most women with PMS :)

I hope this answered your questions somewhat on this subject!
This is my opinion and my experience only!
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