Anesthesia Procedures/Warnings for French Bulldogs

All Frenchie Bulldog Owners need to educate themselves on this topic....
French Bulldogs cannot tolerate certain methods of Anesthesia as some other breeds. Due to their flat faces, they do require more monitoring and careful sedation procedures such as needing to be tubed at all times. My Vet removes the tube once the dog wakes up, never before.

Presurgical Sedatives Warning:
NEVER allow a Vet to give your French Bulldog ACE aka ACEPROMAZINE AND PROMACE. Acepromazine is a tranquilizer and depresses the central nervous system. Dogs can die from this medication, research it. I had a dog (not a frenchie) that almost died from this medicine because her blood pressure dropped so low DURING SURGERY, a simple routine spay, could have been deadly because of this medication. Please Google this med and make sure your Vet does not use this. Here is a link discussing Ace and Boxers and how dangerous this drug is:
A "frenchie family" of ours from another state down south, who owns 2 of our babies, has been a Vet for 10 years and she says this is an old school drug, many Vets do not use ACE and they do not use it in her practice because there are safer drugs. Again... do your research.

If your Vet gets mad, find another one. Some Vets are not caught up or may simply just not know that brachycephalic breeds (flat faced breeds) have special needs... from not using certain injectilbles, to special tubing, etc...

I can't stress this enough... DO YOUR RESEARCH, discuss all anesthesia procedures and protocols with your Vet if your French Bulldog needs to go under general anesthesia for any reason. Its better to be informed, than to risk your dogs life. When our Frenchies are put under it is with a mild sedative and Propofol, but I will say my dogs have never been under for more than 45 minutes or so... so longer more intensive surgeries may be different.  My vet puts the dog completely under and intubates for any procedure so the airway is protected via intubation always... We have never had one die under anesthesia with my Vets protocols, THANK GOD :)  Your best bet is to find a Vet who specializes or has plenty of experience with the brachy breeds.

Read this great article from Dr Lori Hunt DVM:

All the best to everyone!
All Star

Lil Debbie after her surgery... isn't she a cutie... still groggy and tongue a little dry after tube removal.... And next in the car having a vanilla Mc Donalds little treat about 3 hours later on our way home...  Life is hard for these frenchies :)


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