These boys were placed before we were able to create a page for them. I copied and pasted what I had listed on the Nursery page here....

This is a page I did for "T-Bone", I had called him Teddy, when I put him for sale again after the first person who had a deposit on him backed out. There are tons of pics of all the boys on that page since they were born: 


Watch Live Videos of these 3 boys on our  ***You Tube*** channel:-


3 Baby Boys  Born: 5/10/2010

***All Boys have been placed and in their new homes****

New Frenchie Families: 
Melissa & John (Teddy now called T-Bone in Black collar)
Joanna, Henry & family (Ziggy in Blue collar
Caitlin (Pablo "Honey Pied" in Red collar
Congrats to all :)

See the boys below in their new homes - 3 Happy, Gorgeous, Smart, Outgoing Baby Boys :)



The Boys Video at 7.5 Weeks Old:
Taken 7/2/2010 ... More on our You Tube Channel


***  Cream MALE PUPPY "Teddy"  ***
Click Graphic Below to see Teddy's Page with tons of photos and videos of him since the day he was born...

See pics of him in his new home below... so happy :)
Teddy, has now been renamed T-Bone... The name fits him perfectly, he's thick, a little fatty, delicious and a yummy boy :)
He was here only 7 days after his brothers left, but I became very attached to this little man in just a week. Being the only baby his age in the home he was quite spoiled, loved and we got to really know him, his awesome personality and enjoy his daily adventures running around the house, playing with all the other dogs and keeping everyone on their toes lol.... When you're a breeder many PUPPIES come and go through the years, but there's sometimes a special one who touches your soul and Teddy and his brothers were quite special, especially little Teddy, oops I mean T-Bone... What a special little dude, what a personality on him..... We will miss him that's for sure. We always say every puppy ends up where it's supposed to and we know we found him the perfect home with the right parents, people who currently own a pug, a frenchie and had another froggie before for years, they know what it takes to raise this flat faced baby and we couldn't be happier for T-Bone and look forward to his updates and photos. 

On Saturday, July 17, 2010 , T-Bone went to his new home in Daytona Beach, FL with a Frenchie sissy "Bella" and a senior Pug "Tommy"... what a trio :)

Here is T-Bone on 7/17/2010 with his new parents. We drove half way to meet them, they were beyond thrilled... 

7/17/2010 - T-Bone Parents PickUp Day Gift Bag
7/17/2010 - T-Bone Parents PickUp Day
Here's Teddy, oops T-Bone in the car on the way to meet his new family... 
T-Bone Car Last Day Basket
T-Bone was very curious and looking at it all....
T-Bone Car Last Day Basket
T-Bone wanting out of the basket and trying to get his point across lol.... He is one of those pups who talks to you...  a little human in dog clothing
T-Bone Car Talking
He is a bold and fearless little guy and pretty spoiled so he was not too happy to be riding in the basket and then did ride on our lap lol....
T-Bone Car Talking
T-Bone Side 7/12/2010
T-Bone Sit 7/12/2010

1st Day home report 7/18/10:
Hi-Good Morning!
T-Bone had the best time last night with his new siblings!!  I took some pics I'll download them and send them to you in awhile.  I was just telling John he is the best puppy I've ever owned.  Slept all night...Tommy, Jake, nor Bella ever slept thru the night so I was prepared for a long one and to my surprise not a peep from little t-bone!!  You can really tell what a wonderful frenchie mom you are from the way T-Bone is so well behaved!  Thanks again for allowing us to be his new mommy and daddy-he's where hes supposed to be for sure!
Will send pics later today!
7/18/10 Subject: baby T-Bone
Hello! Here are some pics of T-Bone and his little sissy Bella and big brother Tommy...They are having a blast.  T-bone has been a dream puppy- He ate perfectly today, pooed and pottied on his pad and played-slept, played-slept..that's been the day!  Couldn't get really good pics yet-they're moving around at warp speed...maybe in a few days i'll get a real "group" pic of the motley crue!!:)

New Pics at his new home with his brindle Froggie Sis Bella and 10 year old brother Tommy the Pug...

2nd Day home report 7/19/10:
T-Bone is still doing great..same perfect puppy 2 days straight!!  Here are some pics of him and his little sissy Bella...Tommy's been enjoying some much needed R&R since sissy Bella is preoccupied with her new baby brother T-Bone!! 

Over a week later 7/26/10:
T-Bone is doing fantastic...He and siblings couldn't get along better.  Here are some pics!:)

We could not have asked for a better home for this awesome baby... Thank God  :)

***  Cream MALE PUPPY "Ziggy"  ***
Ziggy went home on 7/10/10, here he is with his new mommy, the gift bag we sent her home with and next with his "sister"...
1st Day home report 7/10/10:
What a gorgeous boy! 
Just a quick update, he had a great ride home no problems. We are home and he is all worn out and asleep for now.We have taken lots of picture's already and i will be sending you some soon!
Thanks for everything, we absolutely LOVE him :)
Joanna & Family

1st Night home report 7/11/10:
Ziggy had a great first night. He seems to be adjusting well, very happy, playful and getting lots of attention.  And the kids LOVE him, giving him lots of supervised attention. :) He is really handling it all very well, doesn't seem to be nervous and I'm sure he is wondering where are my brothers. 
3nd Day report 7/13/10:
Ziggy is doing REALLY great. He is a wonderful little guy and very well behaved, he slept all night last night. He loves to play and is always in a great mood. I can't believe how well he is adjusting.  His eating and pooping is all going well. It can be pretty noisy around here and it doesn't seem to bother he at all. He loves to be outside and watching him is a joy. We all love him and he will be very well taken care of here and more than enough love to go around for our Ziggy boy! Thank you so much for everything and we can't wait to show off our ALL STAR! 
Enjoy the pictures.

4th Day report 7/14/10:
I'm glad you liked the picture's and like you, we have hundreds already! Thanks for the heads up on the can cover lol. I knew it wasn't a Frisbee but couldn't figure it up, it is now put up out of sight. Last night was the first night he used his pee pee box. We now have the Ex pen setup (which wasn't in the pictures) and it's working out really well. Everything seems to be working out really well with the crate, pen , pee pee box setup, all like you had explained before. I have to tell you, he is so good. He only has very few accident's, only two poop and is used to going to the door already when he has to go out. I watch him a lot so between that and him getting used to everything i think it's going to be a match made in heaven :) He does very little wining at night and now seems to be OK going all night with no waking up, for me at least. He probably is up moving around.

New Pics at his new home .... So spoiled already....
***  Honey Pied MALE PUPPY "Pablo"  ***
Pablo went home on 7/10/10, here he is with his new mommy & "Grandma Brenda" and going home riding on Caitlin's lap in his new bed... spoiled from day one :)
1st Day home report 7/10/10:
Pablo is all safe and sound at home.  He was really good in the car.  Slept a little bit.  He's had his dinner and he pooped right after.  I think he's a little worn out.  What is his sleeping pattern?  Should we try and keep him up a little while longer and maybe he'll sleep later?
Pablo is even more adorable than his pictures.  Everyone is totally in love with him.  Caitlin is so happy.  Thank you!
1st Night home report 7/11/10:
Hey, it's Caitlin. Pablo is doing wonderfully! He slept in my lap on the car ride home. Introduced him to the family when I got home, he was quite the social butterfly. He even met my aunt's goldendoode, Ripley, who looks like an elephant compared to little Pablo. He was enjoying every second of it, not scared or anything. He is the coolest, most easy going little guy! He slept all night long, got up maybe once at 2am just to check things out in his pen area, but didn't make a sound. Just fed him some breakfast, he is super playful this morning lol. He is just perfect, and the whole family is absolutely in love with him! I can't thank you enough for all your help, I'm sure little Pablo will grow up to be a real All Star! 
New Pics at his new home with new mommy Caitlin...



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