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Dino, Bam-Bam, Pebbles 
*Now called: Ziggy, Bogey & Izzy*

All Pups are spoken for!


Dino, Bam-Bam, Pebbles  Now called:
Ziggy, Bogey and Izzy

Pebbles, Bam-Bam, Dino


There are 35 more photos of the babies playing, eating, sleeping, etc... 
Scroll down this page below the Individual Puppy Sections......

Play Time 8½ weeks old
Pebbles and Bam-Bam are very easy to tell apart.... Bam-Bam is bigger, he's a bit lighter and the white stripe on his face is thicker...

Birdie Time 8½ weeks old
The kids just love this bird... it chirps, the black string is stretchy & bouncy so they have fun tugging and chasing and grabbing the birdie and the ribbons... while I move it around and up and down with the stick and tease them with it... They aren't cats, but they sure like this $2 cat toy lol... 


Ice Cream Cone Time  8½ weeks old
The babies love these things... Ok so no Ice Scream, they are plain cones, have no sugar and only 15 calories, but they love to play "keep away" with it... so fun... then they eat it...

Bam-Bam says "Hey give me dat Dino..."

 It's Mine!


Chow Time 8½ weeks old
Dino was very hungry... 



Potty Time ...
The pups are trained to go to the bathroom in their box, makes it's easier to train them once they go to their new homes, they do not soil where they sleep.

Good Clean babies...

Nap Time ...


Individual Photos of each puppy:

*Bam-Bam* now called BOGEY
Cream (Fawn) with White Markings - Male

*This beautiful, sweet baby BOY is now living with Tracy and her husband in the Northern part of the Sunshine State and is being one spoiled little guy!*
Bogey with new "older sister" Kelly



At 4 weeks old

*Bam-Bam* at 6 weeks old
Just some quick photos we snapped of the litter at 6 weeks old

At 8½ weeks old 
There are 17 more photos of him taken the same day, scroll down...

What a face.......

Bam-Bam doing the famous "Frenchie Bow"

It's a Frenchie thing... ha!

Who can resist a close up like this, look at those wrinkles on Bam-Bam...


Bam-Bam  at 7½ weeks old at his first Vet Visit/Check Up
Bam-Bam getting his vaccine...

...and his heart checked.... he's perfect!



*Pebbles* now called IZZY
Cream(Fawn) with White Markings - Female

*This gorgeous, sweet baby girl is now living with Deborah and husband in NC. She went on her first plane ride under the seat with new mom and is being treated like a princess!*

Izzy at the Airport with new mom



At 6 weeks old

*Pebbles* at 6 weeks old
Just some quick photos we snapped of the litter at 6 weeks old

At 8½ weeks old 


*Dino* now called ZIGGY
Brindle with White Markings - Male

*This handsome, confidant bully boy is now living with Laura, Joe, the kids and one spoiled and kinda jealous big brother Frenchie named Obie*

Ziggy with new family 


At 4 weeks old


*Dino* at 6 weeks old
Just some quick photos we snapped of the litter at 6 weeks old

At 8½ weeks old


Watch Them Grow....... The Younger Photos of the Litter
Newborn Babies 


Shown here taken  at 4 weeks old...

The Girl - "Pebbles"
The Boys - "Dino" and "Bam-Bam"


The Boys again side by side... standing and sitting. Dino is 2oz. heavier at this time...

Photo shoots are tiring for the little guys..... SWEET FRENCHIE DREAMS KIDS...

The pups in their kiddie pool... at this age they are eating during the day about 3 times and on momma the other half of the day at night until morning... In the weaning process... 

Bam-Bam and the cat toy birdie... we don't have cats, the puppies love this toy... it's a Long stick with a bouncy string, with a birdie that chirps with ribbons attached, they just love it when we dangle it over them and they hear that chirp. This was the first time we played with these babies with it... as you can see they loved it, especially Bam-Bam.... 
$2 toy... you can't beat that ha ha!
Nap Time......


Chow Time  - 4 weeks old
Bam-Bam, the bigger fawn, is the closet to the camera -  Pebbles is closest to the kiddle pool (on Dino's left side)

Weaning the babies can get quite messy..


Just a cute belly shot of the kids at almost 7 weeks old, 
They have since graduated to a bigger crate as seen above in their playpen area...
BTW that is a bone for chewing between Bam-Ban's legs, not poop or anything lol :)

-Some photos of the  babies at 7½ weeks old 
at their first Vet Visit/Check Up
Left is Pebbles, in the middle is Dino and on the right is Bam-Bam


Bam-Bam thinking "HEY LET ME OUTTA HERE" ha!

Left is Pebbles, in the middle is Dino and on the right is Bam-Bam

Vet trips can be exausting... nap time..

On their car ride back home...





"Yabba-Dabba-Doo!," that's all for now....


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