Notable Ancestors of our Frenchies

Three dogs very much worth featuring on this page. Many will say these dogs have had the biggest impact on the French Bulldog breed:

One of the most prominent Stud Dogs of the 90's...

Ch. Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown
May 15, 1988 - July 12, 1997
On May 15, 1988, CH Cox's Goodtime Mindy Lou and CH Cox's Goodtime Ace in the Hole celebrated the birth of a litter. One of the puppies in this litter showed exceptional promise even as a baby, and as he matured he more than fulfilled this promise. Herschel and Doris Cox named the little boy Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown.

Charlie was a beautiful brindle dog, as typey as they come, and with a truly sweet temperament. He finished his championship quickly, then settled down in Jerseyville, Illinois where soon he was receiving female visitors as his fame as a sire spread. Charlie produced puppies who greatly resembled their dad, and as his get increased in numbers, he became a major force in shaping the present "look" of the American Frenchie population. In 1991, in Kenner, LA, Charlie won the FBDCA National Specialty. After this, he was retired from showing except for his appearance at the 1996 National Specialty in Plano, TX, where his many friends and fans greeted his appearance in the Parade of Champions with tumultuous applause.

Sadly, Charlie died on July 12, 1997, at the age of nine. At the time of his death, 83 of his kids get were finished champions, there are about 100 Ch's off him now. The loss of this great little dog was a devastating blow to his owners, and also to the breed. We may find comfort in the fact that he left so many descendants to remind us of him and to carry on his line.
- Jan Grebe


Ch. Cox's Goodtime Ace In The Hole

By 1990 Ch Cox's Goodtime Ace in the Hole held the all time record stud dog for the highest number of Champions sired. He was a very prolific stud dog in his era and the sire to the great Charlie Brown. Herschel said the Ace and Charlie were the result of twenty years of breeding French Bulldogs.


Ch Nellcote Gamin
Ch Nellcote Gamin came from France and appeared on the American Show scene in 1905 and by 1907 , the era of  "Gamin" had begun. The American gene pool became literally self-sufficient and importation all but ended due to the spectacular strong breed type offspring this prolific sire produced.

This profile stud dog sired offspring on both American and European shores that established  remarkably strong type. During the early 1900's, prominent kennels included "Gamin" in the names of the dogs he sired and grandsired which reflected Gamins highly respected influence in the breed.

In Memory of Herschel Cox 
Few people in the sport of dogs will impact a breed with their breeding program as profoundly as Herschel Cox did. He and his wife Doris, bred French Bulldogs under the Cox's Goodtime name for over 30 years, during which time they helped set the look of the "American" French Bulldogs. The breed lost a dear friend when he passed, yet gained a legacy. 

Every single one of our dogs go back to the Cox line in some way.... Ch. Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown and Ch Cox's Goodtime Ace in the Hole. They say if you have the Cox blood in your dogs, you should feel honored and we do! These are NOT our dogs. I have NEVER and will NEVER claim to own a dog or a photo that is not ours.  For those wondering these were sent YEARS AGO by a long time frenchie breeder. If you own the rights to them and you want credit by all means just contact me please. I ONLY list these dogs here because I am proud of my dogs lineage, I am simply paying homage to the dogs of the past, that are long deceased, but played a role in creating our dogs :) 



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