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Brokers, Puppy Mills or Importers...

Anyone involved with Frenchies has heard the horror stories... Puppies being imported from Russia. Ukraine, Hungary and other Countries... sick, taken too young from the mother, not bred to standard. They might look *cute* in a picture on a web site, but most times it's not the same once the pup arrives. Many die days to weeks later, have ill temperaments, ears don't stand, are too tall, too big russian imports known to weigh up to 45lbs,... etc.. Be careful where you get your Frenchie from.

If you buy a Frenchie puppy with a TATTOE it's 99.9% of the time an IMPORT. by Mary Shul

What is an Import Puppy Broker?

A puppy broker is someone who, rather than breed dogs themselves, purchases them in bulk lots from over seas puppy mills. There is NO DIFFERENCE between this and purchasing any other kind of puppy mill bred dog, except for the fact that import brokered puppies will have suffered through a twelve or more hour fllight to arrive at their warehouse location and often times quarantined.

Just as puppy mills did in the eighties and nineties, import puppy brokers too have learned to market themselves in the guise of 'loving, caring breeders'. Most brokers will go out of their way to avoid admitting that they do not breed the dogs themselves. Many will outright lie about this, claiming to have breds themselves when in fact the puppies were brought from Europe. ASK ASK ASK TO SEE PICTURES... VARIOUS PICTURES OF THE PUPPIES FROM BIRTH UNTIL RECENT, WITH MOTHER NURSING TOO. If you hear that baffled silence... That's the sound of someone trying to think of what kind of cover story they can tell you to throw you off the trail because a broker will not have these types of pictures if they did not breed the litter or have the mother with the puppies. 

Import brokers have added another new twist to their claims to being 'caring breeders' - they're touting the fact that their dogs come from 'healthier, European lines' than North American dogs do. Here's where we should point out that there are numerous, reputable, conscientious breeders of French Bulldogs in Russia and other Eastern European countries - breeders who care deeply about this breed, and about the health of the dogs they produce, But, guess what? They will screen buyers and care where their dogs go, not just sell to anyone for $1000.  Part of what makes them good European breeders is the fact that never in a million years would they sell their puppies in bulk lots to import puppy brokers. In fact, they themselves are horrified by this, and are being stigmatized by the horrific health problems and inferior quality of the dogs being brought over from their countries.

Potential buyers also need to accept what some authorities are now saying is a two for one ratio - for every one puppy that survives the long trip from Europe, two either die enroute or shortly after arrival. Are you willing to accept the death of two innocent puppies, simply because you just couldn't wait for a litter, or because you 'had to have' that new fad color? "" Click Here '' for images and stories of puppies who died enroute to North American brokers, or shortly after arrival (warning: extremely graphic images!).

You also have to face the fact that numerous brokers are, plain and simple, scams designed to part you from your money, with no puppy in return. ""Click Here"" for the story of an east coast broker who scammed buyers out of $11,000!

How to identify an import broker...

Import brokers thrive on two things: impatience, and lack of knowledge. Learn how to arm yourself against the two things which make it easiest for these slave traders of the dog world to prey on you. Becareful of Frenchies advertized too cheap. Watch for those websites with puppy after puppy for sale with no other pictures on the website except puppy pictures. 

Impatience Is NOT a Virtue!

An import broker will always have a puppy available, because if they don't have one currently 'in stock', they are sure to have a contact overseas who can get them one almost immediately. Be prepared to wait for a quality puppy, whether from a North American or a European breeder. Be wary of anyone who claims they 'always' have dogs available. Ask questions, go with your gut.

!!!!BEWARE of this!!!!!
Champion "Sires" and "Dams" SCAM
Imported Puppies are usually registered with other registries NOT the AKC. They will lie and tell you that you can register the pup they are selling AKC, but this is not so. Import Brokers register their dogs with these fake registries and fake CH's in front of their names. Please be aware that being an AKC Champion is different than an APRI Ch or a CH from some unknown registry. Import Puppy Brokers will often times use photographs of well known and top winning European dogs on their websites, claiming that this dog is the sire of the pup they are selling you. Nine times out of ten, this is a blatant lie, and the actual owner has no idea their dog is being used in this way. If the dog(s) being touted as your potential pup's parents are 'multiple champions', ask for the contact details of the owner.

'Rare' Colours Cost More

Brokers are always looking for the next 'hot' thing that will allow them to justify charging something outrageous for their puppies. Although certain colors have a "market value", all Frenchies should be equal regardless of color. Color should be a choice, not the reason a person breeds. Color does not make any dog any better. Beware of those who tell you any different. Beware of people who market their dogs based on their 'rarity' - rare colors= disallowed colors. Over or under sized dogs are also not an excuse to charge more for any dog. There is a standard for a reason.

Go with your Gut!!!

References & Links Click  below:

From Russia With Trouble - NY Magazine Article

Misled by a Broker!

Another Sickly Import Puppy

What is a Broker?


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