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*Congenital Health Guarantee and Lifetime Support*

***All Star Questionnaire for Spring 2022 Pups ***

***EMAIL: frenchies@allstarfrenchbulldogs .com

*Please Read Before Sending*

NO PUPS RIGHT NOW!!! SEND THIS AFTER APRIL 1st. You must live in the USA (except Hawaii sorry) this is due to possible quarantine issues.

My husband and I DO NOT place Pups in breeding homes. Its NOT personal with anyone. The breed has unfortunately exploded in popularity the last few years and it is hard to decipher peoples intentions these days so this is what works best for our babies.

For FUTURE Pups that might be ready towards late May early June 2022 send in Questionnaire AFTER APRIL 1st for an update. We cannot go into much detail on future *unborn* puppies at this time, so its best to check back after they are born. **** As of 2022 all pups are $5000 to $6000 THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!!!

For older/retired/spayed/neutered companions DO NOT fill this out...
*CLICK HERE* to fill out the Older Dog Questionnaire. WE HAVE ONE RETIRED 5 year old ADULT FEMALE that will be AVAILABLE starting SPRING 2022!!!


This Questionnaire is very simple to email....  First "COPY and PASTE" the entire QUESTIONNAIRE PART into an "E-mail" .... 2nd fill out each section and 3rd just send the email. If you do not know how to COPY and PASTE just GOOGLE how to do it...  it will save your life ha ha... Seriously folks, it's one of the greatest inventions around :)   You can also save this to your computer, fill it out and email it to me as a WORD attachment, but the copy and paste method is easier/faster.  If you have an issue and cannot figure this out.... just send me an email and I will copy and paste it for you and sent it to you via email.  Thank You :)

HOME PHONE:                                        CELL PHONE:

Number of children in household/ages:
Please be aware that young kids should always be supervised with any animal.

How did you hear about ALL STAR? Please specify where you found our website or if you were recommended, please let us know by whom?
(Those recommend by our previous Frenchie Families have priority)

What sex you are looking for?

What color are you looking for?
>>>NOTE: We do not breed, own, nor have the possibility of producing NON Standard Colors like Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Tri-Colors (black & tan, blue & tan etc), Merles, etc... those are ALL NON AKC STANDARD COLORS & NOT acceptable in the AKC French Bulldog Breed Standard. We ONLY BREED AKC STANDARD COLORS BY CHOICE!!!!!.

Is there an Available PUPPY you saw on our AvailaBULL Page or our Instagram Page that interest you?

When are you looking to bring a puppy into your home?
>>>I have no idea what we will have so far in advance so it's always best to send this in no more than 2-3 months in advance Check AvailaBULL Page for info.
When someone is looking for a "FUTURE PUPPY" 4 months or more down the road it's best to just check back as the time approaches..

Have you ever owned a dog before?

Do you currently have a dog(s)? If yes, list how many and what breeds/sex:

Name & phone number of your current or "past" Veterinarian so we can contact them as a reference:
Are they familiar with this breed?

What made you choose the French Bulldog?

What is the REASON you want a French Bulldog: Companion/Pet, Breeding or Breeding/Show or something else?

If you want a breeding/show dog, are you a breeder now and what is your website address?

Will the dog be primarily Inside or Outside?
>>>Please understand French Bulldogs are an inside breed and cannot tolerate heat well. Please be aware that Frenchies attract thieves and therefore your frenchie should be supervised outside at all times with gates kept locked. Fenced yards are a must, but even with that your Frenchie is not safe outside if you are not there, we hear the horror stories and read about stolen dogs all the time, please keep this in mind.

Do you have a swimming pool that is not fenced in?
>>>If yes, please understand French Bulldogs really cannot swim. If one falls in the pool 9 times out of 10 it will drown. Please do your research on this. If you are looking for a water dog, a French Bulldog is not for you. Please visit our site and look at a page we have there called FRENCH BULLDOGS AND WATER.

Do you believe a pet should be spayed/neutered? If no, please explain:
>>>Please be aware that unsprayed females run the risk of pyometra, which is a horrible and usually fatal infection that can be avoided if spayed. Also females do come in heat twice a year and they can bleed all over your house for up to a month. Un-altered male frenchies are prone to marking indoors. Neutering a male doesn't make them any less of a dog, for those who wonder ?

Will you do your research on proper Vaccine Protocol and avoid over-vaccination? Yearly vaccines are no longer necessary and it's imperative every owner educates themselves about this. We need for our puppy owners to be their dogs advocate and know exactly what is going to be injected and understand they have a right to choose what their pet receives. Are you willing to educate yourself on this subject for the health and well being of your new puppy???
If no, please explain:
>>> Yearly Vaccines are a thing of the past. Education is key when it comes to proper vaccination protocols..., lots of misinformation and myths out there. Look on our website, we have a vaccine page filled with information.

Will you be willing to do your research on Pet Foods and understand what is best for them and not feed them Supermarket foods like Purina Dog Chow, Pedigree, Olroy, Kibbles n Bits??? Other expensive foods that are way overrated containing fillers, corn and gluten like the popular Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Purina One/Pro Plan etc...??? Are you willing to do your research on so called "Healthy Foods" that are also popular (and once were good) like Merricks, Natura, Evo, Innova, Natural Balance, Taste of The Wild, Blue Buffalo,... etc�??? All foods people think are healthy, yet the companies have recalls, have changed formulas and many have sold out to giant manufacturers like Procter and Gamble, Del Monte and Purina????
>>>Please do your research on how many dog food recalls there have been and READ THE LABELS, what used to be a good dog food 15 years ago, is no longer. Education is key when it comes to proper Pet Nutrition, lots of misinformation and myths out there. IF YOU DO ONE THING FOR YOUR DOG, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS LADY'S NEWSLETTER:

Please provide any additional information about yourself and/or your family/household. Why you feel you would be suitable owner(s) to one of our puppies or what you are looking for or expect from a puppy, etc... Just helps us understand a bit more about who is inquiring about our babies or what they want/need or any specifics:

>>>Please understand a puppy is just a puppy. No breeder ... NONE.... can ever guarantee that a puppy will grow up to be exactly what you want it to be. Many breeders will give people false promises.... A puppy is like a baby... when a child is born that mother has no idea what that little baby will be like as a 5, 10, 15 or 30 year old adult, same with puppies. Getting one from a good breeder who raises them indoors and is hands on of course helps, but remember they are all unique and they are all individuals :)

Please add any additional info about yourself . What you're looking for or expect from a puppy, etc...  Helps us understand what are your want/needs:

Tons of Details/Puppy Info/About Us:
Please visit our *AvailaBULL Page* to see what is available and please go to our *Puppy Info/About Us Page* and read in full before you send this.


Once you have been owned by Frenchie you could never again be without one. We are available for the life of our puppies. We have plenty of references, look on our "FRENCHIE FAMILIES PAGES� on our site to see satisfied customers with my babies in their new homes, each dog has a link right by their name that you can click so you can view each one while here with us in its litter (this shows everyone it�s the same dog).  The care and attention we give our dogs and babies is very much obvious. From the day Mom is bred to the day the puppies go to their new homes they are cared for like no other. All our babies are handled daily and LIVE INSIDE OUR HOUSE, IN OUR SPARE ROOM. Unlike other breeders out there, we do not have a puppy caretaker or someone who raises them for us, I am hands on with my babies from minute 1, from the time they are born literally we dry them as they take them out of mommy in the operating room. Our babies are bred and raised in our home, not imported or raised outdoors. We show tons of photos, including pregnant mom, babies nursing on mom,  babies at all stages from birth until they are adopted, photos of mom & dad together & with our other dogs etc..  I think I have more photos of my babies than any site on the web... Just look on our  *PAST PUPPIES PAGE*.... You can see the puppies from the time they are in the mother's belly, to the day they go to their new homes with their new "parents". Once a puppy is adopted I am in contact with you either by phone or email as much as possible, sharing stories and info about the puppy. I send photos every 10 days or so via email to show the progress of your puppy and will answer any and every questions or concern you have, especially if you are a first time dog owner or first time frenchie owner. I am always there for my FRENCHIE FAMILIES, night or day 24 HOURS A DAY if possible. My concern is the welfare and happiness of my babies and I have made some great friends who we consider our "FRENCHIE FAMILIES" which we can always call and give you a reference and let you speak LIVE to them.  We do not deal with IMPORTS, BROKERS OR PUPPY MILLS.  Hope this helps explain some of the process of acquiring/owning an All Star Baby. Thank you for your interest and Best Wishes in finding your perfect frog!!!

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