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Our Frenchie Family Page
These pages are here to show off the Frenchies we have produced in their new and loving homes....  Every Frenchie baby that comes from us is now considered part of OUR FRENCHIE FAMILY. Watch the babies grow here... We encourage all of you to send photos. We will try to update this page every month or two. We put an update of the emails the new owners send us once, but we have decided to stop copy and pasting email after email, a couple is suffice..., the photos pretty much speak for themselves!

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To see her younger pics and her siblings: 

See Olive on the Today Show 5-16-08  with world-renown holistic Vet Dr. Martin Goldstein
msnbc.com video: Should you vaccinate your pet CLICK HERE

"OLIVE" with new Mom and Dad at the Airport on their way back to
her new forever home in the big apple.... NEW YORK
Hi....Well, we changed her name to Olive.  Her eyes look like little olives and the black spot looks like an olive!  She is she beautiful!!! Here are some more photo's of our little daughter.  She is so special!!! You both did a wonderful job in breeding her. Enjoy the photo's. 

A few more of little Olive.  All is well here.  She is coming into her own!!!  What a brat!  We love her so much.  She is so wonderful and bright!  She has brought to us so much joy and love. Stay in touch.

Olive arriving at her new home in her Airline Bag
Olive ready for a snack with her new parents  lol
Olive already SPOILED at her new home
New ... Olive's PHOTO SHOOT at 4 months old...

UPDATE: 7 months old 
Hey....Here are the three finish pieces of our little girl.  Two are in
color and one is black and white.  I hope you will enjoy them.  She is soooo
special!  Fred
And No.  Her nose is the same.  What a gift from the universe!!! 


Olive and Daphne .... 10-26-08
The World is Small. Both girls were adopted by families who live in New York, 2 different families who did not know eachother.... One firend told another friend they knew someone with a Frenchie, long story short, the 2 couples met eachother and got together for a HALLOWEEN PARADE. Below they are dressed for Halloween, Daphne as a little Devil. 2 Half sisters, 2 different families, but met and spent the day together.... how Small the world is indeed, we couldn't believe it lol....

UPDATE: 1 year old.... yes she has painted toe nails lol....

This sweet Angel is one SPOILED ROTTEN FROG DOG.... 





"SLUGGO" and "IRIS" 
To see Sluggo's younger pics and his siblings: 

To see Iris younger pics and her siblings: 

SLUGGO with his new Mom the day he went home

He is doing great, settling in well and starting to show his personality.  He has done a lot of sleeping this weekend as he has been very busy.  He met the boston puppy, Buster, yesterday.  Buster was a little much at first but by then end of the day they were chasing each other around.  One of my cats is pissed, but he is starting to get over it.He is eating well and still has normal poops!   He is having some ADD with eating, going back and forth from toys to food!He is enjoying all of his toys, as you can see in the pics that I have attached.

Little man is doing great.  He is so cute bouncing around playing.He has had many people loving on him and playing with him, he is loving it.He is 6 1/4lbs!  He is eating well and doing good with potty training.I am still trying to figure out his name, I am leaning towards Sluggo!He sleeps curled up to his frog at night and in my lap any chance he can!I will keep you updated and send more pics when I can!

 1 week after leaving us -11 weeks old

At his new home with the Boston...
Frog Dog puppy getting his toys no matter what 

Sluggo was a pumpkin for Halloween.  He didn't mind the costume itself, however he thought the hat was a little rediculous.  He is definatly a busy little man, so much to do so little time.  He is such a joy to have!   I have had many clients ask if they can take him home, I then remind them that I have their address!   Sluggo is getting to be the big strapping young man at 15lbs now.  He is such a good little boy, most of the time.   He now has a Welsh Springer Spaniel friend at work.  He is my bosses dog and he is 3 months old, and Sluggo is very excited to that he is staying with us while my boss is out of town this week.  They have a lot of fun together.  Sluggo is turning into quite the acrobat, bouncing all the time.  He has such a sweet little personality.  I am thinking of getting him into therapy work.  He already does this at work, when clients are upset about what is going on with their own pet they can't resist but to smile when they see him bouncing trying to get their attention.I have attached some recent pics, including Halloween, hope you enjoy!

4 Months old Halloween w/Spaniel Buddy. He goes in to the Vets office everyday, where his mom works.

UPDATE: 6½ months old

I have had many people ask me where I got my little man because he is so well structured, great nose (able to breath), and wonderful temperament.  Even my boss (vet) was hesitant about Sluggo until she saw him in person.  Her best friend has a Frenchie that she waited 3 years to get a specific color male from a particular breeder.  The little guy can only run around the house once before he is out of breath.  As a ramble, my boss now will refer anyone looking for a Frenchie to you!
I guess the point of my rambling is to let you know that if anyone wants a reference, please let me know.  I would be happy to!
I have attached some pictures of Christmas.  He has so much fun and got many toys!  His favorite is the squirrel house with 3 squirrels from grandma and papa.  He is 20lbs now!  He is getting so big so fast.  Thank you for my wonderful little man

Sluggo and the Boston Buddy "Buster"



Sluggo has seen his first snow this week and our first snow in many years.  He is not too sure of the snow though, too wet and cold for him.  He isn't very fond of rain or cold so this he is not to thrilled with.  But I did get some pics of him checking it out finally.  I have attached a couple for you to see, hope you enjoy."   Sluggo's Mom

"IRIS" with new Mom the day she picked her up 
She now lives with her new mom and half brother Sluggo in GA. The ruler of the roost and a lively, funny little girl.
She is doing great!  She defiantly is coming out of her shell alot faster than Slug's did!  I went to pick up Sluggo today, after the long drive yesterday I wasn't up to another 45 mins up to my parents, plus mom would have been upset she wanted him until Sunday. The introduction went well with Slug, Buster and Madison!  They are in love already.  Sluggo doesn't understand why he can't hump her! lol.  He is thrilled to have a little sister. I am 99% sure her name is Iris. 

Here are some pics of Iris and Slug's. They are doing great, playing well. She knows where ths water bowl is now and is eating well.  Her stool is getting firmer. She is so silly, her and Sluggo are too cute together. Enjoy the pics

IRIS in her new pink bed... then with  half brother Sluggo in GA 2 days after leaving us

Iris is getting bigger, she is now 7lbs!  She is the ruler of the roost, too.  I have to watch them a meal time because when she is done she will push Sluggo out of the way.

Awwww.... can we ask for anything cuter??? SLUGGO and IRIS

Hey, how is everyone doing?
Sluggo and Iris are doing great! Sluggo is now 24lb and close to 11 months.  He is such a silly boy.  He has now learned how to jump on the counters at the front desk, and he is also now learning that it is not allowed!  He only does it when I an on the other side!  Mama's Boy!?!  He is so sweet.  He has a birthday coming up and he is getting a bigger place to live with no upstairs neighbors stomping around. 

Miss Iris is 9.5lbs at 5 months.   She is doing good with training, she knows sit and come.  We are working on down and stay now!  She is so sweet and cuddly with people, with other dogs she is alpha munchkin.  All the other pups at work ( all males ) slink off and cry when she tells them enough.  She thinks that everything should go the way she wants it to, and you are there to facilitate that!  She sits at the receptionists feet and barks/paws at them until they pick her up!    SPOILED!!!  Anyways, the pink of her in the pink All Star shirt is for you, thought you might like it!
Hope you enjoy the pics!

UPDATE: almost 7 months and a year old

Long time, no email.
We are finally moved and getting settled in. The kids love the fenced in backyard.  Sluggo has so many things to pee on now!!!!  They both do laps around the house, with big smiles on their faces.  I got them a little pool this weekend, can't wait to see what they will think.

Sluggo is one now, I can't believe it.  We went to the doggie bakery and got him a ice cream cone bone, with carob on it.  He wasn't too sure what to do with it at first, since it was so big.  However, Iris being the little piggie that she is showed him and then tried to take his away.  She is quite the little piggie and Slug's usually just walks again with this pitiful look on his face. 

Iris is doing good, almost 7 months old now and only 12.5lbs. (Slug's is 25lbs)  She is so funny, such a prissy thing in some aspects then a little devil in others.  You never quite know what she is up to. Training is going well, she knows come, wait, sit. In the midst of the move he didn't have a bday cake, and of coarse I forgot to get pics of him with his ice cream cone cookie.  oops. Part of me is curious how big she is going to be and the other part kind of wants her to stay small.  But I know it would be better for her to be bigger. The kids love their new home, even the kitties that are sneaking out!  Sluggo and Iris started digging holes in their new back yard!
These too are quite the pair, good for hours of entertainment!
Enjoy the pics!

Frenchie Nap time....

IRIS Shhhhhh.........

UPDATE: 7½ months and 14 Months old
Wow another update so soon... Andrea always been great about updating us... THANK YOU!!!

Here are some new pics of the kids.  I got them a wading pool a while ago and finally filled it up for them.  Well, even though Sluggo's mom may be the aqua frenchie, he however is certainly not.(why would I want to get wet?)  However, Iris thinks that it is a fabulous water bowl that you have to get in to drink out of! 
Iris is about 13 3/4lbs now.  We will see how big she ends up being!  What Claire's parents wrote about her sounds like Iris's twin.  I have to feed her in the living room, while Sluggo eats in the kitchen.  Once she is done she runs into the kitchen, where I am usually standing and re-direct her to her bowl.  If she does make it to him she uses her head to try to push him out of the way.  He no longer just walks off, which really irritates her!
Slug's is still as silly as ever.  One of his favorite things is the lasar,  he even chases reflections on the ground.  He is such a good boy, always happy and smiling.

Sluggo showing off his All Star Sweater


Sluggo and Iris sitting by the heat vent... no dummies there, they know where it's comfy lol...


Christmas 2008


Getting their butts warmed and Iris getting groomed at the same time lol. Jan 2009 - Silly Kids

March 2009

Sluggo and Iris , he loves the snow, she hates it lol...

Climbing up the steps to the bed....





To see her younger pics and her siblings: 

CLAIRE with new Moms and their pack at home in TN the day she arrived

Here are the 2 pics of us.  I am the one in the blue shirt and Jeanna is in the red shirt.  Claire is doing wonderful.  She is a really well adjusted puppy.  She totally passes out in your arms and just loves to be held.  I know we have only had her for a few hours, but we are definitely in love with her.  She loves Calleigh and the cats.  Guinness, the dal, takes care of her and Jake just wants to make sure she behaves!  I will continue to send some pics of her as she grows.  We are going to take her in and show her to the vet, we love our vet!  We are going to get her set up with the appointments for her shots on the dates you sent.  Again thank you, she is everything we wanted in a puppy and she is a beautiful Frenchie!
Janet and Jeanna

Claire is absolutely adjusting like she has been here forever!  She chases after the pig and plays with everyone.  She is not afraid of anything and loves to pick up sticks and pull grass in the yard.  She has eaten twice so far today and both times she ate like this was the best food ever.  I don't think we will have to worry about her being picky, lol :)  She is sleeping in my arms right now, snoring her little baby snore.  She was barking earlier at Calleigh and chasing her around.  She has the cutest little bark ever.  When she is done outside, she comes over and sits on our feet until you pick her up.  She also follows you around the house every where.  We had a really warm day today, so she got to play in the grass in the sunshine.  Just thought I would send you an update. 
j and j

Claire is fast approaching 5 months and she has not broken 7 lbs yet!  She is a little ball of fire, but she is the funniest thing you have ever seen.  She chases all the cats, wrestles with all the dogs, big and small.  The pig loves her.  We had her dressed up for a wedding this weekend and she was definitely a hit.  She has one more round of the puppy vaccines, we spaced them really far apart to give her the chance to build up to them.  The vet is going to wait more towards a year to spay her as she is still so small.  She snores louder than our boston, but she is such a treat.  Did I say she loves food?  I mean she LOVES food.  She will jump up and try to eat anything you are eating.  She can finally climb steps and she has learned to use a pee pee pad.  She's so small we haven't taken her off the pee pee pad yet.  Again, thank you for providing such a wonderful companion.  Hope everyone else is doing well.  Claire sends her love.
janet and jeanna

Tiny Claire the day she left at the Airport... 

Claire the day she left at her new house her first night and gettin' spoiled already...
Claire and the Chihuahua Calleigh
Claire and the Blind Boston Jake
Claire and the Pot Belly Pig....

UPDATE: 2 days before she turns 7 months old

Here are two updated pics of Claire.  She has not really grown too much.  I sent one with Calleigh so you could see her size and the other one is a close up of her waking up with her tongue sticking out.  She is really the love of our lives.  She is so fiesty now as she barks at the pig, Calleigh when she won't share and the Dalmation.  She is not afraid of anything.  She has never met a stranger.  She would also throw herself off a cliff if food was below!  She has not been able to jump up on the couch yet, she still misses, lol.  She runs, jumps about a foot back and lands on the edge.  She takes on all the cats like she rules the roost, but then when she is ready to have a nap, she comes back and jumps up for you to pick her up.  She snores something fierce, lounder than our boston ever dreamed of snoring and she weighs just a third of him!  Claire has really added so much to our lives and I don't think I will ever live without a Frenchie.  I think she may be 10lbs now, but that's because she is chunky.  She has never met a piece of food she doesn't like.   We are looking at spaying her around Sept or Oct, just before it gets cool enough for her to wear a sweater.  She loves the sun.  Its been so hot, I only allow her 5 - 10 minutes of sun at a time and then I make her come back inside.  She's getting better at housebreaking.  We have started using the crate for her now that she is able to hold it longer and she sleeps in it at night.  Talk to you soon.
Claire at 6½ months old just waking up....
Claire & Calleigh 3 days shy of turning 7 Months


UPDATE: 9 months


UPDATE: July 2009
 Claire weighs about 13.5lbs.  She is still wonderful.  She has learned come, follow, stay, and sit. We don't really expect much from her as she is just wonderful.  She loves this new cat toy with a bell and a track.  She can only play with it for 10 minutes each day or she gets winded, LOL.  She starts to pant and we have to take it away from her!
This is with a new friend of her's, a 4lb mini doxie.  They love each other!
She has really developed into such a frenchie.  She is hilarious and gives you these looks like I will get you.  She still loves food and loves a car ride.  She's going on a road trip with us to MS to visit my mom in Sept.  Everyone that meets her, loves her.  We will always have a frenchie from now on, although, Claire may have spoiled us. 






To see Miles younger pics and his siblings: 

You can see the video on a project i worked on at: 
http:// www.donateyourtaco.com Miles is at the very end...
He can also be seen here:

MILES with his new Dad the day he went home
Lives in CT with mom Renee and 2 Pointer Sisters and new addition "BETTY below..."
We made it!
Just wanted to let you know we made it back to CT safe and sound. The  other dogs were really nice to him and are now all playing together. 
Especially the one. He really likes here and follows her around. Cute. Pics to follow. Talk to you soon. Here are some snap shots:

MILES with his "Pointer Sisters" lol

mike tells me youd like some pics of miles for a page youre working on.... i will send some better pics soon, but here's a couple of snaps for now. he's cuddled up to Cali, my german shorthair. they are an item. in fact he's her little moon. he rotates around her every move. they play all the time and are quite funny and noisy together...he's definitely a momma's boy. poor mike never sees him because he hangs with the girls...i just love him so.  oh  he looks nothing like Odell (his brother). He looks like a tough guy...  Miles has this little baby face...his face may look a tad different from  that pic a month ago, he's filling out here and there, but its very  much like that pic still. funny the other day at the feed store,  there was a guy bent over playing with him and then 3 girls came over  and bent over....he went nuts for them...thats how he is...a lady's  man...mike wants me to show him. i showed Cali...heres a pic  attached.  it takes a lot of time tho!

Miles modeling his scarves....

Betty flying home in her Travel Bag in First Class.... 
Betty went home to live with Miles.. Miles is her Half Brother off Ch Spike... Betty is the sister to DAPHNE (see her below)... we own their sire, but are not the breeders, but they are still part of our Frenchie Family...

shes a cutie, a little plump! i spent the night at annas and it was  fun. so great after a miserable day. she was so perfect traveling 
companion, quiet, sleepy. was on first class to jfk which was great.  and then jfk shut down, delayed 2 hours...finally got home at midnite. miles and betty played  pretty hard.  she doesnt know what to think of the big dogs yet, and theyre  figuring her out too....kinda staying away from her for now...but she follows us all around, comes when shes called...so shes working  herself in...
will send pics soon.

Family Portrait.... Miles, Betty and the Pointer Sisters.......

betty is adjusted! she and miles are inseparable even when she tells him to go away....she has a funny growl that only miles takes seriously....its so high pitched...she doesnt let him beg beside her. 

they play and run side by side and sometimes hit a wall because theyre not looking where theyre going. betty is my lap dog follows me everywhere and I mean everywhere :)...she touches my leg with her 2 front paws so lightly saying pick me up...her eyes say please..
hope youre doing ok...

Betty and Miles having some fun.... 

Clown dogs... the life of any Birthday Party,... 
Betty and Miles celebrating Miles Birthday and a few weeks later it was Cali's birthday...

... and now months later Betty Turns ONE.....


Dec 2008
Miles and Betty SNOW DAY....
Betty is a summer girl and does not enjoy the snow very much....

Miles on the other hand.... LOVES IT...........

Miles & Betty showing off their sweaters their owner sells (See Logo above)...

Merry Christmas 2008 from Miles and Betty



Miles and Betty enjoy their runs with their Pointer Sisters - Spring 2009


Betty Looking Good.... Spring 2009





(A Stud Fee Puppy and our Pick - Half Sister to our beloved Tazzy)
To see her since she was born: 

Daphne with new Mom DIANA at the Airport on their way back to
 her new forever home in the big apple.... NEW YORK 1/26/08
Just a note to let you know she's on the mend already, must have been the long trip. I let her sleep for a while and once she woke I could see she was playful. We went outside right away with leash, but I took it off her as she seems to stay by me anyway and we ran and played a bit outside and she really perked up. When we came in she went right to her bowls this time and ate a bit of kibble that I'd put in there this morning and had a big drink. I lifted the kibble bowl b/c I didn't want her to overdo it too quickly, even tho there was only a small amount in there. So I'll let her have just a little bit more later if she wants some. Then all she wanted to do was play after that - She's up with my daughter in her room riight now and seems very content. 
Thought you'd want to know! Best regards, Diana
Yeah, I think Daffy might stick.... Anyway - just wanted to write again because she is absolutely better!!! She's been running after our feet and pants legs and jumping and barking and playing tons again. Then about an hour ago the chihauha came over and Daphnee got soooo excited, but Lola(the chihahua) only could tolerate her briefly, she just wanted Lola's tail so badly, THE SPUNK IS BACK - so I'm keeping my vet appt. for wednesday and not moving it up to tomorrow - and there's been no more diarhea this evening... I really think it was too many treats I gave her at the Airport, change in water and yes, probably STRESS from all the travelling and then a new home with no puppy friends. I'll be keeping her diet very plain for now / on your kibble and will get some more right away. We're all in love with her.. she IS a BUNDLE OF JOY! 

Hey!  Daphne, now aka Laffy Daffy, is doing TERRIFIC! Once she gets playing one can't stop...she's a delight and funny, but has little monster teeth!!! One friend gave me a little round lamby soft bed, that she'd bought for her cats(who couldn't care less) and she LOVES IT.. naps in there when she's tired and when she's playing she'll drag it around with her and pounce on it and it's sooo much bigger than her. She does sleep in her cage at night and doesn't seem to mind and is so happy when she gets up in the morning. Her housetraining is amazing ... YOU DID A GREAT JOB! or she learned from all your doggies, her daddy or her big sister! She does have the occasional tinkle accident... but has never pooped in the house. (and that's much better too!) She was a little loose yesterday afternoon, just a little, so I did give her a bit of pumpkin like you said and she's fine today. She has her vet appointment tomorrow afternoon and like I told you, someone there has a frenchie that comes to work everyday, so I was sooo happy to hear that and know they're familiar with the breed. I've found a local pet store that carries Canidae, so will stop there tomorrow on the way home from the vet. She's been so good, easier than I thought, especially with the training. Since we work out of our home, I have 3 part time employees, so she loves meeting all the new people and is so friendly. So she's always got people around, if not other doggies. I know she's really happy here... as she's made herself completely at home and licks us all to death at times. So do not worry about her - I promise we'll give her the best home she could ever want!

Just thought you'd like to know Daphne had a great check-up yesterday. I liked the vet a lot and she seems very familiar with the breed. She didn't want to give her the 2nd booster yesterday to let her settle in more, so we're going back next week. All is good, she's been great and we're all doing fine! Hope all's well. Diana

Daf  here at our home at 9 weeks old the day after we picked her up from the breeder

Daf  the day she left...   11 weeks old 1/26/08
DAPHNE at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon 2/2/08

UPDATE: 7 months old

Hope you saw my IM the other day... I've been wondering about you too and how you're doing? What happened with Tazzy? We were so sorry for your loss How tragic!  I see you have all of the Tazzy Pups online now...Oh boy, would I love one! but my husband would KILL ME!!! as we have enough to take care of! He couldn't love Daphne more!! they're best buds and she adores him!!!
Daphne is wonderful!! She is the BEST dog! Goes everywhere with us, loves to be outside, we've fixed all the fencing 'round our property so she has her freedom to run and we have an acre - which is a lot for long island. Even went in the pool with me yesterday for the first time - she CAN SWIM!!! But I'm getting her a life jacket anyway! It's starting to get hot here now so I might even get her her own kiddie pool if she'd like that better. She is wonderful! Gets along great with other dogs too and we walk her in our town a lot, which seems to be a real DOGGIE town, so she's exposed to many "friends"!! We have a great little park right on the water, as we're a harbor town on the Long Island Sound... it has a very New England small town feel, and she things she's it's princess! If you're ever up on L.I.... come by for a visit... you can see Daf & we'll show you Northport.  Have to make an appt. to get her spayed soon, I guess it's about that time. What do you think of pet insurance? Do you recommend having it?

Attaching a couple of pics - probably from when Daphne was about 5 mons. My daughter, Jackie, is in some of these. Jackie also bought Daf a piggy raincoat as she always HATED the rain... there's a picture of that... but she doesn't seem to mind the rain as much now as when she was little. (Only wore it once!)  Will send more... have to take more.
Gotta get back to work! So glad to hear from you and please do write back!
All the best,

Daf and her Pig Raincoat..   5½ mos old

Daphne and her family having some fun in the sun... Summer 2008

She is owned by a frst time dog owners and quite the spoiled child....


Daphne and Olive.... 10-26-08
The World is Small. Both girls were adopted by families who live in New York, 2 different families who did not know eachother.... One firend told another friend they knew someone with a Frenchie, long story short, the 2 couples met eachother and got together for a HALLOWEEN PARADE. Below they are dressed for Halloween, Daphne as a little Devil. 2 Half sisters, 2 different families, but met and spent the day together.... how Small the world is indeed, we couldn't believe it lol....





To see her younger pics and her siblings: 

LOU LOU with her new Mom the day she went home
She now lives with her mom and her rat friends in TX

Hi , sorry I haven't written in awhile, my grandmother died last week. So things have been very sad and crazy. But Lou lou, has put a smile on the faces who have met her. She is great, and my rats are starting to treat her as one of the family. I will send some pics, Juicy looks great, and Lou lou, has found her voice, only after about 5 days. Take care, Linda

LouLou is about 15 lbs. now, I don't think she will get much bigger unless she has a growth spurt. She's the best. I just love her. I will send some recent pics soon. Thanks, Linda

At her new home with the rats shortly after leaving us:

UPDATE: 7 Months Old

Hi Guys, I hope you'll are doing great. It looks like it from your updated website, great pics. I took some photos the other day of Lou Lou, here are a few. Take care, Linda 
LOU LOU at home at 7 months old
Lou Lou thinking..... you calling me mom? Looking good at 7 months old

UPDATE: 13 Months Old

I am sorry I haven't been in touch about what was going on. 
Lou Lou is wonderful, best dog ever... I have some great pics, Hope All is well, Linda 

Lou Lou 1 year old... Spoiled Rotten...





To see her and her siblings: 

Juicy, her new parents and new big brother LEROY the day she went to live with them

Juicy is doing great.  She slept well last night.  We let her choose between the crate and the pillow bed and she decided to sleep on the pillow bed. ( I think she's a beautiful princess!)  We'll keep her name.  Thank you for letting us adopt her.  We're so happy to have her.  This morning she and Leroy ate breakfast next to each other and played in the living room.  He loves her too!  Juicy is the apple of my husband's eye. We can hardly tell she's deaf!  Her hand signal classes will start soon.  We'll let you know how she's doing.

Juicy is doing great.  She's so smart.  She and Leroy play until they're pooped out every day.  Everyone loves her.  I have friends and family that stop in during the day to check on her when Vance and I are at work.  Hand Signal Training is going well she knows sit and come already.  She is almost housebroken. Come see her when you can.  She's a doll.

UPDATE: 1 year old
Juicy is doing great!  She weighs 21 lbs and she is sooo.. cute and sweet.  She and Leroy are like peas in a pod.  I'll have my husband take some pictures of her and Leroy for your website.  We've been meaning to do that for some time. See you soon.

Juicy, her human parents and her father SPIKE on FATHERS DAY

Juicy days away from her 1st Birthday on FATHERS DAY

FATHERS DAY - Juicy playing with her father SPIKE and her housemate Leroy





To see his younger pics and his siblings: 


ODELL and his new Mom living in FL

He's doing great and I love him to death!  I shouldn't do it but he sleeps with me every night.  He is doing great in the house breaking part too.  We still have a few accidents but he is learning.  He is so funny.  He gets down on his haunches and does this little growl thing and attacks the bigger dogs.  He also knows when he has had enough.  He runs and gets under the coffee table where he knows that they can't get them.  Then he barks like he's saying HA HA you can't get me.  He is great and I fall in love a little more each day.  Thanks so much for bringing him to my family.

He is awesome and we love him dearly.  He gets along well with the other dogs.  He is ornery too.  He may be smaller than the rest but he likes to get things started and I have to rescue him and then he's right back at it.  I bought him a little fox and he loves it.  He'd carry it everywhere if I let him.  He is the best. He is also very sweet.  He is always happy when I come home and he loves to give kisses.  Thanks so much for having him for me.  Best money I ever spent!  I'll send pictures soon.  Just gotta buy batteries.  Somehow I always forget to get them.
Take care, Cindy

Odell at his new home around 11 weeks old

Odell as a puppy before he left us.... 6 weeks old

UPDATE: 8 months old
Hi.  He is doing  great.  He is a bundle of mischief!  I will send pictures Let me know if you got them. 
The first three of when he was itty bitty.  The last three are the most recent.  I have lots more but they are blurry because he is a wiggle worm and doesn't like to be still.  He is the best little guy, tho.  He loves everyone and everything.  He's smart too.  He is also our trouble maker!  He can't leave any of the other dogs alone.  He loves to aggravate them.  He is always playing.  If someone doesn't want to play, he doesn't care.  He'll aggravate them until they DO want to play!  He is awesome and I love him very much.  He sleeps with me at night along with his "sister" Biscuit.  He doesn't like to be under the covers for long.  He always crawls under the blankets (long enough to irritate Biscuit!), then he's back on top snoring and farting like an old man!  He is our little love.  We took him to my family's in Kentucky over the holidays and they fell in love with him too, and of course he loved all the attention!  I guess that's it for now.  Have a great day!

Odell at home at 8 months old





To see her younger pics and her siblings: 

*******AUGUST 2009******

Fendi and her new parents the day she went home, now living in Louisiana

Fendi at 6 weeks old while still here with us





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