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Our Frenchie Family Page
These pages are here to show off the Frenchies we have produced in their new and loving homes....  Every Frenchie baby that comes from us is now considered part of OUR FRENCHIE FAMILY. Watch the babies grow here... We encourage all of you to send photos. We will try to update this page every month or two. We put an update of the emails the new owners send us once, but we have decided to stop copy and pasting email after email, a couple is suffice..., the photos pretty much speak for themselves!

- Frenchie Families PAGE 1

- Frenchie Families PAGE 3


To see her younger pics: 

IZZY and her new Mom at the Airport on the way back to her new home in North Carolina....

Izzy with some of her new extended family at around 13½ weeks old
Um... baby don't look too thrilled lol...


Izzy and her mom... One spoiled pup....

Izzy and her parents...

1yr old UPDATE:


Izzy at her DOGGY DARE CARE.....

She runs with the BIG DOGS....





To see his younger pics 

ZIGGY and his new family living in FL

Ziggy on his way home the first day... and taking a nap. First Days at new homes are exhausting for the babies.

Ziggy at around 12 weeks old, a couple weeks after he left us,
as you can see Obie still doesn't look too thrilled with the new addition lol....


4 months old ... 
In the car and sleepin with mom and big bro OBIE... 2 Spoiled Boys, 1 happy mama :)

Ziggy trying to get a free ride... lol

Obie shows Ziggy, he's still the man of the house riding SHOTGUN....

5 months old ... what a handsome fellow...

6 months old ... and great pals now....

Ziggy at 8 months old with Obie ... what handsome boys...
What fun they must have had this day....


Ziggy the water dog....

Ziggy and his big "human" sis... 


To see his younger pics: 

BOGEY and his new human sister... He's now enjoying living Beachside in the Sunshine State


Bogey at his new home a few days after he left us 10½ weeks
If this isn't beautiful I don't know what is....

Bogey on the look out.....

Bogey doin' it Froggie Style...
Many people ask us why French Bulldogs are called Frog Dogs... well... here is why... 
because they all lay like this and they look like Frogs lol... not a complicated reason lol.

Bogey a few days after he left us 10½ weeks, enjoying a little fun in the grass....

Bogey at 12 weeks helping his big brother with homework....

UPDATE: almost 4 months old ... Livin' the Good Life!


Happy 4th of July from Bogey - July 4th 2009

Bogey and his dad, he likes to show off the FAMILY JEWELS lol... Summer 2009

Summer 2009 

Bogey and Gracie Summer 2009...



To see her  younger pics: 

Icy now called BIGGLES and her new Mom at the Airport on the way back to her new home in Maryland

Her 1st Day in her new home...

Biggles in the snow - Feb 2009


Practicing her Sit and Down commands...

Biggles and her mom Enjoy the Blossoms- Spring 2009
Do you think she's spoiled???? Hmmmm..... lol

Spring 09


Biggles travels by plane with her parents, here she is in Colorado and New Mexico..


Biggles with her mom and Grandma



To see his younger pics: 

Joker and his new Parents

Joker at his new home with his Golden sister Sach

Joker at his new home 10 weeks old. What a beautiful solid white baby... son of Gizmo

Joker and his buddy at 4 months old....

Warming his buns lol...



To see his younger pics: 

Casper and his new mom and Frenchie Sister Reecie

On his ride home with new big sister...

Missing his littermates at his new home....

Spoiled by his new mom...

Showing big sis who's boss already lol.
Cute, Cute, Cute....

So who's the one having the glass of wine? lol


Casper at his new home in his "set up" as we suggested and doing wonderful....


Casper and his Lab Buddy...

5 Months

Casper and his girl Reecie Feb 2009

6 Months...

Summer Fun 2009


To see her and her siblings: 

With her new Mom the day she picked her up 6/15/08
Angel is doing very well. she had a great 1st night. she was tired as well and slept all night. i did introduce her to carols 2 dogs. billie loves her, babs is still not too sure so i am being very careful. any advice u have on that would be great.  angel is everything i could have asked for. she is just so sweet.  i adore her already. i will write more later.
Hi again, Angel had a great day, I left her with my friend Ellen who has a king charles cavalier.  They played together and it was so cute,  I was really able to see her little personality come out and I love it.  I had to work all day today becuase of a new employee orientation, but usually i do not.  I think Babs will be fine too, it will just take some patience as you said.  i just love this puppy more and more every second!!! i can imagine how much you do miss angel, she is so sweet.  i am also amazed at how well she is doing with not going to the bathroom inside the house.  she has only peed in the house one time.  she slept through the night again last night, and is running around right now... she is just so good.  i will start taking some pics for you, i know they start to grow and change so quick.... 


UPDATE: almost 4 months old

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that Angel is still doing so very well.  She is growing way too fast, but still has that beautiful puppy face.  Angel absolutely loves water, so I went out and bought her this blow up pool, thats in the shape of a frog.  She loves it!  It is just the cuttest thing.  She gets along great with Babs and Billie, thank god.  She is such a little tough badass when she plays with them, but then when she is tired she is so cute and cuddly so its like the best of both worlds lol.  angel is weighing in at 11 pounds now.  she gained 2 since the last time.  she is growing so fast.  but she is still the cutest little thing ever...
Anyway, I hope you are doing well. 

Angel at almost 4 months and with 2 neighbor Frenchies Babs and Billy...

Angel at 5 months.... spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!

UPDATE: 6 months Old - Sleeping Beauty....

UPDATE: 9 months Old ... what a beauty she's turning out to be...
She's been spayed and enjoying being the center of attention to many people on a daily basis... she's a Therapy Dog in a sense and brings endless amounts of joy to many women.


Spring 2009




"PIERRE" (formerly UNO) 
To see him since he was born: 

With his new Mom the day she picked him up

Hi, Just wanted you to know that Little "Uno" is doing pretty well - he had quite a day! He slept in the car in the carrier with the side open and then woke up and tried to climb out, I let him just have his head out and he was not happy....he made a noise (certainly wasn't a bark) that made me laugh for about 10 minutes, and then I understood he was telling me he had to pee.  We stopped later in the trip for more education about grass...and then he slept on me the rest of the way home.

The cats are mostly avoiding him....only one hissssss so far - when he first came in the house.  They are cautiously watching a lot, but also hiding upstairs a lot.

He had a very long nap in his new crate and bed, pee'd on his puppy pad, and pooped in the grass outside - and perked up after he ate dinner. Lovedd playing with the birdie cat toy - thanks for including it.  I'm sure he misses everyone - and the red teddy bear you sent for him is a comfort. I have taken a few photos - will send some soon.  Thank you so much for everything.  He is adorable! I know he will do great....
Thank you for a terrific bag and folder - very nice touch and I really appreciate how professional the whole experience of adopting him was!

After much debate and still many naysayers....his name will be
Pierre  (Frere Pierre - brother Pierre).  Pierre means stone or Rock and we know he is solid as a rock.  It is French for Peter, and I have already call him "Sweety Petey"....a lot! 

Best of luck with your new little ones - I will watch your site for more photos and tips - and keep you posted on my new best friend!

Pierre one day after he left.... at his new home

UPDATE: 4 months old

Hi, I continue to be sooo entertained by your website and have loved to see the latest Pebbles, Dino and Bam Bam growing up!  Like all your puppies, they are adorable!  I also think you are the best pet photographers!  I have been trying to get Pierre to sit still....attached are a few....
Even though we knew he would be a big bruiser...I still think you will be surprised at how big he got how fast!!!!  He is 18+ pounds already!!!!

He is a terrific pet and companion!  He's had all his boosters and shots.  He is the star of my neighborhood - he loves everyone and everyone loves himm!
I think his face may look a little more like mom than dad...but of course his body is all daddy....tell me what you think?
He still "prances" on the tile floor with his back legs and butt "sashaying" behind him....a constant source of amusement!  I could go on and on and on!

He'll be four months old on Monday!  We've had two sessions of obedience training - mostly learning to "socialize."  There are 11 dogs in the class - no two alike - only 2 smaller than Pierre (height wise, that is....they are all surprised when they go to pick him up and realize how heavy he is lol :-)  We are having fun - and he is so trainable!
That's my update.  Take Care, Carol

Pierre 2 days shy of 4 Months old.... 


UPDATE: 6 months old - What a face....

Summer 2009





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