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***Ear Infections***

If one gets yeast, which is VERY COMMON in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs, we sue the flush below. Many Frenchies can suffer from YEAST in the EARS. In the meantime just regular cleaning should suffice. I would mix 50% WHITE VINEGAR and 50% WATER and make a flush out of that and flush and clean the ears twice a month. This should be suffice and should prevent any infections or yeast in most of them and what I do for my own dogs.

If you see a Vet, most Vets will continue to prescribe meds and antibiotics with no long term cure. Antibiotics do nothing for yeast infections except mask the symptoms to only have the yeast return and antibiotics only wreak havoc on the system by weakening the immune system and stripping the gut of the good bacteria (probiotics), etc... as you can see I am not a fan of them. I had a Retriever that suffered from chronic yeast infections in her ears and nothing the Vets gave her worked for years and years until I tried a home remedy I found online for cocker spaniels, go figure. It does contain alcohol and the Frenchies don't like it too much BUT IT WORKS!!!! This new stuff I found called ZYMOX, it's all natural enzymes and hydrocortizone is supposed to work great, but I usually use the cocker spaniel formula (here's the link:  ), I only use the Zymox if the ear is raw. Look up ZYMOX for Ear Infections on Amazon. The Flush we use is below....
Written By: All Star

***Ear Flush Cleaner***

Chilly is our Model :)
Many French Bulldogs suffer from yeast build up in the ears. I found this recipe online years ago from a Cocker Spaniel breeder. It worked on our Retriever after 7 years of Chronic yeast and no medicine the Vet gave me for her ever worked. Frustrated I looked online for help and found this miracle. We clean our Frenchies ears with it twice a month, just flush them out. If they have yeast  build up we use it daily for a week and then a few times a week the 2nd week and voila, problem solved.

Look inside the ear canal.  If the skin has a red tint to it, or if you smell a cheesy smell, or if you see any kind of discharge, usually brownish or yellowish...  you've probably got an ear infection in there. Ear infections can be very frustrating to treat!  Veterinarians typically respond to ear infections by prescribing drops or ointments to fight the infection.  My personal experience has been (and others from around the world have that share similar stories) that these treatments are not only expensive, but have a low success rate.  We've had a lot better results using a very inexpensive home-made ear cleaning solution.

So, if your veterinarian's treatment plan hasn't been working for you or you want to save your money, try the following recipe.  My experience has been that a dog with an ear infection, if given this treatment daily, will show improvement within a few days, and will have the problem solved completely within about one- two weeks.  After that, you only need to use this stuff every week or two.

The 4 ingredients you'll need are:
White Vinegar  -   Powdered Boric Acid -  Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol), and Betadine antiseptic solution.

*What you want is "Betadine Solution" or generic "Povidone-Iodine Solution".  Be sure not to use "Betadine Scrub", which is Betadine with a detergent added.

You'll also need an empty bottle to store the solution in, and from which you will squirt the solution in to your dog's ear.  We recommend a plastic bottle with a long applicator snout. You can also use one with markings on the outside that show fluid levels in ounces. This makes it very easy to measure ingredients.  A great place to find these is at beauty supply stores, as they are commonly used for hair-coloring solutions. We just used a bottle we had bought to clean the dogs ears at a Pet Shop, it has a tip to help it go in the ear to flush it out. You can also buy an ear flush solution already sold for dogs, empty it out and make this solution as we did.

***What you see in the picture above to the right, that bottle is our final product***

Pour 6 ounces of isopropyl alcohol in to your applicator bottle.
Next, add 1/2 tablespoon of boric acid powder.
An easy way to do that is to measure the powder, dump it on to a piece of paper, fold the paper in half and use the paper as a funnel to get the powder in to the plastic applicator bottle. Be careful not to get any boric acid on your skin or clothing.  If you do, wash it off immediately.
Shake the solution up really well, until the boric acid powder is fully dissolved.
Add 2 ounces of white vinegar.  Shake it up some more.
1 teaspoon of the Betadine antiseptic. Shake it some more. It can be the generic betadine. The solution should take on coloring similar to ice tea.  Be careful Betadine stains.

That's it!  You're ready to move on to the hardest part now...  getting your Frenchie to let you squirt this stuff inside the ear canal.

Shake Shake Chilly girl....

Applying this in to your Frenchie's ears is usually easiest if you have a two-person team...  one to hold the dog still with the ear up and the other person to squirt the solution in to the ear.  All you have to do is squirt it in there until you have completely filled the ear canal with cleaning solution.  But don't let go of the dog quite yet.  Fold the ear and use your hand to rub things around so that the ear cleaning solution gets sloshed around inside there pretty well.  Keep the dog still for a minute or so...  because as soon as you let go, the dog's going to shake his head, and a lot of that cleaning solution is going to go flying out.  If you get any of the ear cleaning solution on your skin, wash it off, best to do it outside.

If you don't have someone who can help you hold the dog while you apply the cleaning solution, an alternative is to use a grooming table with a noose.  The noose will keep the dog's head immobilized enough for you to do the job yourself. Apply the cleaning solution to your dog's ears daily until you start to see some improvement.  Once things get better, you can cut back to once a week...  and when you're fully satisfied with the condition of the ear you can go two weeks between treatments.  The ear cleaning solution can be stored at room temperature and, as far as I know, does not go bad with time.

The products all say "not for internal use" yet you are asking me to insert these in my dogs ear!  Are you nuts?
It's like the difference between putting soap in your mouth and in your belly button.  As long as the ear drum is intact, the ear canal is a sealed cavity.  The ear cleaning solution goes in, it gets squished around, and then the dog shakes his head and all the ear cleaning solution comes out.

Should I use a cotton ball, q-tip, Kleenex, etc. to clean out my dog's ear?
If there is a lot of "gunk" inside the ear...  yes, feel free to use something to help clean all that stuff out of there.  Once you've done this for a few days in a row, you'll get all the big stuff out of there and the flushing action of the ear cleaning solution will do the rest. I usually apply a little solution to a cotten ball and q-tip and clean the ear on the outside and all those little ridges in the ear as much as I can. Then I flush it.

One little tip:  Your dog still won't like it, but if you save REALLY YUMMY TREATS for this they will deal with it. I usually give some turkey slices or cheese and while they do not like it, they get over it.
Warning:  Do not use this ear cleaning solution on dogs with ruptured ear drums,
or on dogs with open sores or wounds in the ear area.



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